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Admin commands

From Delta-V Wiki
This page needs revising!
This page contains information that is either out-of-date or from a different source (e.g. Upstream SS14). Some information on this page may differ from how it actually works on Delta-V.
Reason for revision: "Heavily outdated. Needs to have the new commands."

Admin Commands

This page is to help our new trialmins learn some basic commands in game to help them do their jobs but also for having fun. The other purpose of this guide is to show relatively safe ways of doing XYZ without putting an end to the current round.

General Commands

Activates your admin status
Deactivates your admin status allowing you to play in round

Information commands

lsobjectives <Username>
Grabs a list of this user's objectives if they are an antagonist with objectives
lists psionic players and their powers
Gets the station ID
Gets the number of available jobs to choose from in the lobby
playtime_getoverall <Username>
retrieves a player's total play time on the server


whitelistremove <Username>
removes whitelist from user
showrules <Username> <seconds>
Send the user to the rules page for a set amount of time usually reserved for first time minor punishments.
roleban <username> <job name> <reason> <minutes>
rolebans a user for a specified time. Use " marks in the reason section to add more than one word


setadminooc <hex color>
sets your ooc chat to a color when you are admin'd
gives you a speedy ghost with hands and few useful tools as an admin
tpto <Entity ID> <Username>
Teleports user to target entity
adjstationjob <station id> <jobid> <amount>
adds a number of jobs to the station
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