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Company Policy

Welcome to the NanoTrasen Space Station Company Policy Manual - 14th Edition!


As a member of the crew aboard a large and cutting-edge space station, it is imperative that you adhere to a set of responsibilities and behaviours that reflect our company’s commitment to safety and cooperation. Our space stations are not just places of work - they’re thriving hubs of progress, ingenuity, and unity.
Every action aboard our stations has meaning and impact, and it’s this interconnectedness that drives everyone to succeed - from the humble assistant to the highest-ranking officers.

Within this manual, you’ll find our general guidelines for employees, a list of your rights and responsibilities as a member aboard a NanoTrasen station, expectations for specific roles, information on occupational hazards aboard a space station, and contractual obligations.

The stipulations outlined here represent a baseline for the ethical and respectful behaviour we expect from all of our valued employees, and have been designed solely to facilitate the safety and productivity of our NanoTrasen corporate family. We encourage you to study this manual so you may gain a comprehensive understanding of the values we uphold and how they are vital to the seamless function of our stations.

We thank you for choosing to embark on this incredible journey with us. Together, we will push the razor’s edge of progress, and make NanoTrasen synonymous with the future.

[NanoTrasen Central Command]

Code of conduct

At NanoTrasen, we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and respect. As an employee, and as a representative of the corporation as a whole, you will be expected to uphold the following company values and ideals:

  1. Consideration and Care
    Think before you act, and ensure you’re acting appropriately and safely. Adhere to company standards, undergo regular training, and ensure you’re following any safety notices or instructions from authorities.
  2. Respect and Collaboration
    Treat all colleagues, clients , and members of the public with courtesy and professionalism. Embrace diversity of background and culture, and foster a synergetic work environment.
  3. Integrity and Honesty
    By acting with a foundation of integrity and being honest with your colleagues and superiors, you’re upholding the trust placed in you by our customers, our shareholders, and the NanoTrasen brand. Honesty with yourself and others serves the community at large.
  4. Confidentiality and Accountability
    Safeguard sensitive information about our personnel, our clients, company operations, research, and restricted data. Take ownership of this responsibility and the various others delegated to you, striving for excellence in your work and diligence in your duties.
  5. Adaptability and Ingenuity
    Embrace change, stay adaptable, and demonstrate a willingness to learn and grow in response to new circumstances. Never quit, and never give up; show NanoTrasen’s commitment and hard work ethic regardless of any obstacles in your way.

Appearance standards

As a NanoTrasen employee, you are expected to wear provided clothing, and to keep them clean, well-maintained, and appropriately fitted. This ensures that you’re representing our brand in a professional manner, as well as maintaining the safety of yourself and others in the station environment.

  1. Uniforms and Attire
    Wear the uniforms and attire provided to you by NanoTrasen. Take care of your clothes, and wear them with pride.
  2. Grooming
    Maintain personal hygiene and grooming to a high standard. Neat hair and well-kept appearances contribute to a professional atmosphere and boost first impressions.
  3. Accessories and Personal Items
    Limit the use of accessories that might interfere with safety equipment or delegated tasks. Personal items should be stored in designated spaces to avoid clutter and to ensure the safety of you and your coworkers.
  4. Personal Protective Equipment
    Wear the appropriate PPE as required by your role, any safety notices, or instructions from authorities. The safety of our employees and customers is paramount.
  5. Respect and Consideration
    Be mindful of others’ cultures, beliefs, and other qualities when expressing yourself and your own personal style. Your behaviour and actions should respect the sensitivities and beliefs of others.

Additionally, it should be noted that any accessory, item of clothing or apparel, or other cosmetic possession that promotes or depicts obscene or hateful content, criminal or terrorist groups, or illegal and unethical acts are unacceptable for wear by our employees. Failure to uphold our company’s values by violating this rule will result in disciplinary action.

Rights and responsibilities

All general crew aboard NanoTrasen Space Stations have certain rights and responsibilities in order to ensure that the company, its employees, and any customers or the general public are taken into consideration.

All members of the crew:

  • Have the right to live in a safe and healthy environment, and to be provided access to necessary safety equipment and medical assistance.
  • Have the right to be treated with respect and fairness regardless of their role or background.
  • Have the right to receive clear and accurate information related to their roles, tasks, or relevant updates.
  • Have the right to receive proper training and development opportunities as necessary to enhance their skills and contribute effectively to company operations.
  • Have the right to confidentiality regarding personal information and sensitive matters within the bounds of operational requirements.
  • Have the right to access necessary resources for performing their duties, including equipment, tools, or facilities.
  • Are responsible for following safety protocols, operating procedures, and company policies to ensure their own safety and others’.
  • Are responsible for upholding the company’s reputation through their behaviour, communication, and general conduct.
  • Are responsible for fulfilling their assigned tasks and responsibilities efficiently and to the best of their ability, particularly where they are essential to station function.
  • Are responsible for promptly reporting grievances, hazards, or malfunction to appropriate personnel.
  • Are responsible for conscientiously managing and utilising their resources for efficient operation.
  • Are responsible for upholding the policies outlined within this CPM14 manual.


NanoTrasen places a high priority on the safety and wellbeing of all individuals aboard its space stations, including employees and patrons. The company recognises that maintaining a secure environment is essential to operations, and, in light of this fact, all NanoTrasen employees are authorised to exercise their right to self-defence when confronted with an imminent threat of physical harm or violence upon their person, in accordance with these guidelines:

  • The threat must be immediate and serious, with clear intent to cause grievous harm or injury to the employee.
  • Before resorting to self-defence, the employee must have exhausted all reasonable alternatives for avoiding or escaping the threat - including following established protocols, attempting de-escalation, and seeking assistance from security personnel.
  • The response to the threat must be proportional to the level of danger posed; that is to say, the employee must only use the level of force necessary to protect themselves from harm.
  • The employee’s primary directive is to ensure their own safety. Once the opportunity to escape arises, or the threat is neutralised, the employee must cease their use of force and immediately seek assistance from security personnel, medical staff, and any other relevant authorities.

In any situation where an employee exercises self-defence against any individual aboard the station, they are obligated to provide a detailed account of the incident, including the circumstances immediately prior, to their immediate supervisor, security personnel, or station administration, where applicable and at their earliest convenience.
The authorisation for self-defence is an exceptional measure intended to address extreme situations where no other viable options exist, and only to facilitate a secure environment that fosters collaboration, innovation, and mutual respect between NanoTrasen’s employees.

Conduct unbecoming

NanoTrasen personnel found to behave or act in a way that is broadly considered or specified by superiors as inappropriate, unacceptable, or contrary to our company’s standards and expectations for their position or profession, particularly in a professional capacity or when representing the company as a whole, may be demoted from that position or profession, have their contract terminated, or be otherwise reprimanded for their unbecoming conduct.

Behaviour that violates our company’s values and policies oppugn our employees’ character, integrity, and suitability; additionally, improper conduct reflects poorly on our management. As such, heads of departments are fully authorised and encouraged to demote employees that discredit our company’s values by poor behaviour and demeanour.

Dangers from our competitors

In our spinward stations, there exist threats from direct competitors to NanoTrasen. Conglomerates of companies, crime rings, and terrorist cells known for their unscrupulous practices, including the use of fear tactics, criminal methods, and corporate espionage to undermine and disrupt the operations of legitimate entities such as NanoTrasen. Their activities pose a significant danger to the safety, stability, and success of our stations and the company as a whole. Their motives range from obtaining valuable technology and proprietary information, to sabotaging critical systems, to directly attacking crew.

Identifying saboteur agents can prove challenging, as they often operate covertly and blend in with the station’s population. However, there are certain behaviours and indicators to be on the look-out for:

  • Unusual Interest
    Individuals showing an excessive interest in sensitive research, proprietary data, or operational reasons without a legitimate reason may be potential corporate agents.
  • Inconsistent Backgrounds
    Agents may provide inconsistent or fabricated personal or professional backgrounds, making it important to verify credentials through proper channels.
  • Secrecy and Isolation
    Suspicious individuals may isolate themselves, avoid interactions, or engage with only select individuals or parties, raising concerns about their true intentions.
  • Sudden Change in Behaviour
    Drastic changes in behaviour, such as displays of aggression or secrecy, could signal involvement with hostile groups.

To combat the presence of hostile entities, crew are advised to:

  • Report suspected individuals.
  • Increase monitoring and patrols.
  • Identify unauthorised access attempts and potential breaches.
  • Secure critical data.
  • Conduct regular emergency drills.
  • Perform de-escalation training.
  • Implement advanced counter-espionage protocols.

Should any person or party aboard a NanoTrasen vessel be found to be currently affiliated with, or in the present employ of, any hostile company, crime ring, or terrorist group, they are to have their employment with NanoTrasen terminated where applicable, be stripped of any gratuitous access, and have any corporate property on their person or possession confiscated and returned to relevant station personnel. Such persons or parties may be heavily scrutinised by Station Security forces until they, or their remains, can be remanded to the custody of their employers, an independent port or vessel, or other local jurisdiction, at the earliest convenient time and at no expense to the company.

Hostile Corporation Technology

Additionally, due to the presence of our competitors and their agents in the sectors in which our company operates, there is an ever-present possibility that hostile parties' technology or other property may manifest aboard our station by any number of means. The presence, acquisition, and distribution of such items should always be investigated and scrutinised heavily, and the technology or property considered controlled items, held securely, and restricted from use.


In closing, we thank you for your commitment to our mission and the values that guide NanoTrasen as a whole. Your dedication is the keystone to our success.

And remember, we are bound by a shared responsibility in this success. Failure to uphold your contract will result in immediate consequences, up to and including termination with extreme prejudice.

Safe travels!

[NanoTrasen Central Command]

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