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The Oracle

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Messages from Beyond

On each map, near Epistemics, is the mysterious Oracle. This being of questionable origin exists as a statue and will make demands of random items of seemingly random importance. This can run all the way from the RCD, the Rapid Construction Device that the Chief Engineer starts with all the way to a single cartridge of a random caliber from Security.

The list of requested items is truly random, but there are a few limitations. It won't ask for anything that can't be reproduced. It will never ask, for instance, for a Nuclear Authentication Disk nor will it ask for the Head of Security's hat. It may ask for rare and valuable circuit boards, however, or items that you have no way to request with your current technology level.

The Oracle, once provided with the requested item, will destroy the item and will fill its reservoir with one of a few liquids and produce a varying amount of Bluespace Crystals and a Technology Point Disk.

The various liquids that can be produced are as listed, but not limited to:

Wine - Exactly what it says on the tin. It's wine. This is very useful to make Holy Water.

Ichor - A mystical healing substance that can treat all manner of wounds.

Lotophagoi Oil - A mysterious liquid that, while it makes the imbiber quite high, it gives them a chance to have psionic powers.

The oracle can produce all manners of liquid reagents, so don't be surprised if it's none of these!

The Oracle and You

Epistemics can use the bluespace crystals provided by the Oracle to make more Probers. Alternatively, Logistics can sell them for a hefty profit. The technology disks provide a nice alternative to Anomaly generation and artifact research in a way that is 100% safe, if of varying utility.

Of course, people with traitorous goals may also use the Oracle to go about their deeds. The bluespace crystals produced by the Oracle can be used by a traitor to build a rogue Prober to drive the Glimmer up for an objective, or, alternatively, the Lotophagoi oil can be used to attempt to give a traitor psionic powers.

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