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Game Modes control exactly how a round will play, and decide whether it'll be a relatively peaceful shift or an instant disaster with no survivors.


The default game mode is Secret, which randomly picks one of the following game modes with approximate chances:


In Survival, there are no main antagonists beyond the usual random events.


A number of random crew members, based on current server population, will defect from Nanotrasen and become traitors!

There is 1 traitor for every 10 players with a maximum of 12 traitors. You need at least 5 players to have a chance for this game-mode to be chosen.

The gamemode selects your fellow crewmates to be syndicate agents, with the goal of completing three or four objectives using various means such as, but not limited to:

  • Breaking into secure areas on the station
  • Cutting wires and destroying substations
  • Stealing items from department heads
  • Murdering your fellow crew mates

Nuke Ops

Your station has been targeted by Elite Syndicate Nuclear Operatives (Nuke Ops), otherwise simply known as nukies, who want to detonate a nuclear fission warhead inside!

There is 1 operative for every 10 players with a maximum of 5 operatives. You need at least 20 players to have a chance for this game-mode to be chosen.

When the nuke detonates, the crew loses.
When the Nuclear Operatives are eliminated, a shuttle is automatically called and the Nuclear Operatives loses.


In Zombies, some members of the crew become Initial Infected. The Initial Infected have the option to turn into full-on zombies at any time but have a grace period of 5 to 7.5 minutes before they start taking damage automatically. The goal of the infected is to infect as many people as possible, overrunning the station with zombies by the end.

There is 1 Zombie for every 10 Players with a maximum of 3 Zombies.

When 50% of the crew ends up being infected, a shuttle will automatically be called.

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