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What leaves evidence?

  • Body parts inherit their owner's DNA
  • Implanters upon injecting or drawing
  • Syringes upon injecting or drawing
  • Hyposprays upon injecting
  • Medipens upon injecting
  • Cans and Food upon consumption
  • Cigarettes/Cigars/Pipes upon putting in your mouth
  • Blunt/Slashing/Piercing melee weapons on hitting someone
  • Puddles of blood
  • Touching items, doors and any equipment

Most interactions will leave some sort of "trace" that someone was there; either your fingerprints and fibers or your DNA itself.


Many interactions with and between crew members, items, doors, machinery, and many other things leave behind fingerprints, which can naturally be traced:

  • Picking up and using items
  • Operating computers and other machinery
  • Bumping into or clicking on doors to open/close them
  • Pulling objects or bodies
  • etc.

Fibers and Gloves

If you aren't given a fingerprint on the Forensic Analyzer, you can still help identify suspects with fibers.

It is to note that fingerless gloves leave fingerprints AND fibers.

Fiber Corresponding Gloves
Black Insulative Fibers Combat Gloves
Yellow Insulative Fibers Insulated Gloves, Budget Insulated Gloves, Unsulated Gloves
Fingerless Insulated Gloves
Olive Insulative Fibers Mercenary Combat Gloves
Black Synthetic Fibers Black Gloves, Thieving Gloves
Fingerless Gloves
Colored Synthetic Fibers Corresponding colored Gloves.
Black Leather Fibers Robohands Gloves
Brown Leather Fibers Botanist's Leather Gloves, Patchwork Gloves
Blue Leather Fibers Gloves of the North Star
White Leather Fibers Inspection Gloves
Colored Leather Fibers Corresponding colored Boxing Gloves.
Durathread Black Fibers Papercut-proof Gloves
Durathread Regal Blue Fibers Captain's Gloves
Latex Fibers Latex Gloves
Nitrile Fibers Nitrile Gloves
Insulative Nanomachine Fibers Space Ninja Gloves
Power Gloves
Holographic Chameleon Fibers Chameleon Gloves
Yellow Rubber Fibers Rubber Gloves
Black Fibers Tactical Maid Gloves

Evildoers: How to get rid of evidence?

It is possible to wipe off fingerprints/DNA/fibers using soap or a rag, should you need to clear your tracks. Rags will leave a fiber, and soap will leave a residue, to hint that the object was unusually cleaned.

The main barrier between you and a clean get-away, will be the Detective, who's Forensic Scanner is the main tool to discover left-behind forensics.

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