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What Do Admins Do?

Admins are a group of volunteers that moderate the official Delta-V game servers according to the Server Rules.

While the main duty of an admin is to enforce the rules and punish those who break them, admins do a variety of other tasks including occasionally setting up game events and helping out new players.

Server administrators may frequently take the persona of Central Command to facilitate interacting with the crew in a way that is not out-of-character.

How Do I Contact an Admin?

The main way to report someone or to talk with the admins is by using the Admin Help (abbreviated as ahelp) button in the Escape menu. Your ahelp message will be sent to an admin who will review it. All messages are relayed to a Discord channel so be sure to include as much information as possible, even if no admin is currently available. In the most urgent cases you may ping game admins on Discord.

When to contact an Admin?

Ahelps should generally not be used for anything that does not require attention from administrators.

Possible rule violations

Players are encouraged to ahelp even if they're unsure if administrator attention is actually needed since they generally do not know all the information about a specific situation, like the antag status of another player. However, players are expected to have reasonably come to the conclusion that administrator attention may be needed. If you're complaining in deadchat that someone is, or is probably breaking a rule, then you should have ahelped already.


Players can use ahelp to ask mechanics questions related to the game that are relevant to the player during the current round. Players can also use the general channel in the Delta-V Discord Server for mechanics questions as long as they don't include information about the current round, and are encouraged to do so for anything not immediately relevant.

Contacting an Admin

When starting an ahelp, your first message should include all the information an administrator needs to begin looking into an issue. For example, when reporting a possible rule violation, try to include the following:

  • A way to identify the person or people causing the issue. Ideally this is their username, or character's name, but if that's not possible then knowing what actions they took can be a good substitute.
  • What the actual issue is. For example, if you believe someone is self-antagging, include what they've done to make you believe that. When reporting possible self-antagging, it isn't necessary to include why you believe someone is not an antagonist.

I Was Banned!

You can submit a ban appeal in the Ban Appeals [1] section on the forum. Or you can just wait it out if it is short.

Can I Become an Admin?

To apply to become an admin, see the Admin Applications [2] section on the Forum and the post template. Just because there's a section labeled "Closed" at the top of the page doesn't mean that admin applications are closed: rather, that's a section for accepted applications.

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