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The Chaplain is the person in charge of spear heading that whole operation of sacrificing psionics and putting their soul into golems, while under the Mystagogue supervision. Usually the station has a couple of normal Golems available around the place and even one in the Crematorium, but nothing stops you from making more.

The main reason to sacrifice people is to generate blue-space crystals and lower glimmer. This also has the side benefit of removing a psionic user from the equation, which means less potential glimmer rise.


The Chapel has a sacrificial altar. To use it, a psionic humanoid must be place on it, and someone with either psionics or clerical training must initiate the sacrifice. It appears in the context menu on the altar, which can be opened with the right click mouse button by default.

There is a couple of things to take into account to sacrifice someone:

  • You cannot sacrifice yourself.
  • The target needs to be a humanoid and not a Golem or familiar.
  • The target needs to not be affected by SSD.
  • The target needs to be a psionic.

When all those prerequisites are met, you can ask someone to buckle themselves on the altar and proceed to sacrifice them. Be warned that if it isn't authorized by the Mystagogue you are not allowed to forcefully sacrifice people.

Sacrificing a psionic user will reduce the glimmer by 30Ψ to 60Ψ and produce 1 to 4 bluespace crystals. Additionally, 10% of the time, the altar will create a powerful psionic item. This chance increases to 50% if the person doing the sacrifice has clerical training, such as the Chaplain or Mystagogue

Potential powerful psionic items

  • Patchwork Gloves
  • Strange Spectacles
  • Unsulated Gloves
  • Telepathic Relay Orb
  • Magboots of Blinding Speed
  • Lid'O'Saws
  • Tattered Bedsheet
  • Spawn Spellbook
  • Smith Spellbook
  • Blink Spellbook
  • Forcewall Spellbook
  • Knock Spellbook
  • Fireball Spellbook

Soul Crystals

Once sacrificed, the psionic humanoid's soul is trapped inside a soul crystal. This is not the end for them, they can still talk vocally and telepathically. As an added benefit, they are much harder to destroy. If you ignore the grinder.

These soul crystals can be then fused with a golem shell, bringing them under the control of their assembler while retaining the consciousness of the formerly living psionic.

These can be ground up using a Grinder to produce 50 Ectoplasm, which is useful in creating Normality Crystals.

The Golems

Golems are the end result of sacrificing psionics.

All they require to work is a Soul Crystal and for you to fully complete the small questionnaire to make sure the freshly made Golem is given a name and following your orders. It is usually a safe bet to write "Nanotrasen" as the Master's Name to ensure that they continue to properly function as a member of the crew.

A traitorous Chaplain is within their right to keep all the Golems under their control to make sure they are protected and able to do their objectives properly.

Steel Golem

The most common Golem, there is at least one on every station, including one in the crematorium most of the time.

To create, you will need:

  • 5 bluespace crystals
  • 10 plasteel

Wood Golem

A Golem that requires less expensive material but can serve as a moving hydroponic pot.

To create, you will need:

  • 5 bluespace crystals
  • 20 wood planks

Silver Golem

The most expensive type of Golem that requires a lot of work to make.

To create, you will need:

  • 20 plasteel
  • 10 uranium
  • A silver core which requires Research and to be printed at a epistemics techfab using 500 Bluespace, 1000 Silver and 1000 Plastic

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