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Cryogenic Pods

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Cryogenic Pods - The Fastest Way to Heal - By Nanotrasen

One of the most powerful tools that medical has in its disposal is the cryogenic pods. These pods allow you to quickly heal all sorts of damage and bring people back to full health, IF you use them correctly.

Cryogenics requires a very low temperature in order to function. In most stations, this will already be set up for you. In others, you may need the assistance of both Engineering and Atmospherics in order to get a cryogenics room running. If you need to set up the room, set your gas pump to 103.25kpa and set your freezer to any temperature under 150k. For faster results, you may set as low as 100k, but if you are dropping temperatures this low, you should strongly consider Leporazine as a follow-up treatment to Cryogenic treatment.

Using the Pod

So you have a patient who is dying, oh no! Lets help them out the best we can! Your patient will need to have Cryoxadone (for all damage other than cellular) or Doxarubixadone (for cellular damage), administered to them. This can be done while they are within the pod (by inserting it directly into the pod with a beaker) or by giving them a pill beforehand. Note that while these chemicals will be metabolized even while it is ineffective, it will do nothing until the patient is chilled to the appropriate temperature.

It may be worthwhile to insert your patient first, then your beaker after a few moments.

Once your patient has healed fully, bring them out of the cryogenic pod

It is important to note that remaining at that low of a temperature will damage your patient when they come out. As such, as soon as the patient has finished healing, you should insert a beaker of Leporazine to them to quickly stabilize their body temperature and bring their temps back up. After the Leporazine has been administered, simply remove your patient from the pod and they should be healed.

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