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Space Law is a broad set of rules and regulations, collected and regulated by TerraGov, enacted and enforced by NanoTrasen and its Station Security, with the oversight of CentCom - and, on occasion, TerraGov's Galactic Police Force. Space Law applies to all ranks and positions on stations under its jurisdiction, from the lowliest Passenger to the highest Captain; all are equal under the eyes of the Law, and all must ultimately answer to it.

It is highly recommended to read the Standard Operating Procedures and specifically the following parts:

Crime Codes Quick Reference

Use this to quickly find the Crime Code Numbers.

Crime codes are made up of Category Codes (_xx), which are a collection of similar crimes on a line for ease of use, prefixed by the Severity Number (X__). They are also organized from highest time to lowest time.

Code 1XX - Misdemeanour 2XX - Felony 3XX - Capital
01 Animal Cruelty Manslaughter Murder
02 Theft Grand Theft
03 Black Marketeering Terrorism
04 Sabotage Grand Sabotage
05 Mindbreaking Decorporealisation
06 Assault
07 Abuse of Power
08 Possession
09 Endangerment Kidnapping
10 Trespass Breaking and Entering
11 Vandalism Rioting Sedition
12 Hooliganism Contempt of Court
13 Perjury or False Report
14 Obstruction of Justice Sexual Harassment



  • Execution: Termination of the convict’s life.
  • Whenever any execution is performed, regardless of trial or not, a general announcement must be made detailing who was executed and for what reason.
  • The convict may select from one of four methods of execution, depending on availability: firing squad, lethal injection, electric shock, or asphyxiation. If the convict does not make a choice after being given ample opportunity, the sentencing officer or other relevant authority may select the method that is most appropriate. Convicts may request alternate methods of execution that may be approved or denied at the discretion of the individual passing the sentence.
  • The executed’s corpse must be burned, stored in the morgue, or processed by medical staff using the biomass reclaimer.
  • Exfiltration: Immediate retrieval of the convict via a CentComm, or GALPOL, dispatched transport.
  • The prisoner may be held in a temporary cell until the transport arrives.
  • If a transport cannot be arranged, default to other capital sentences.
  • Preservative Stasis: Relocation of the convict into a morgue or similar controlled and regulated environment until one’s sentence is concluded or the legal system can accommodate the convict.
  • Decorporealisation: Stripping the convict’s mind from their body into a more restricting form.
  • Soul crystals, golems, and cyborgs are all permissible forms.
  • Permanent Brig, Permabrig, or Extended Confinement: Placing the convict into the permanent brig until the end of the shift, where they are to be transported to Central Command for processing.
  • The convict has the same rights as any other prisoner within the permabrig, whether they arrived by transport or were sentenced to Extended confinement.


  • Brigging: Placing the convict into a temporary holding cell. See Treatment of Prisoners (SOP).
  • Catch & Release: Taking the convict to Security, processing them, searching them, and then releasing them. See Jurisdiction (SOP).
  • Demotion: Downgrading the convict’s employment contract and revoking their access accordingly, with permission from or when ordered by the convict’s head of department. May be applied when the convict has committed a crime relating to their employment within their department or with NanoTrasen as a whole. See Conduct Unbecoming (Company Policy).
  • Licence restriction: Downgrading or suspending the convict’s armament licence and confiscating possessions accordingly. May be applied when the convict is guilty of possession or a crime involving a weapon they were lawfully permitted to carry.
  • Mindbreaking: Removal of the convict’s psionic power by use of mindbreaker toxin or any other means. May be applied when the convict is guilty of a crime in which they use psionics.

Crime Modifiers

Sentencing modifiers are to be applied by the sentencing officer, judge, or arbiter. Aggravating modifiers may not extend a sentence beyond the specified limit, while extenuating modifiers may not reduce a sentence below the specified limit.


  • Solicitation
    Any sophont found guilty of encouraging, bribing, requesting, or instructing someone to commit a crime, with the intent that the sophont being solicited commit the crime, will receive for the crimes they solicited in full.
  • Accessory
    Any sophont found guilty of assisting in the commission of a crime, without participating in the crime itself, knowing that a crime will be, has been, or is being committed, will receive the sentence for the crimes in which they took part in full.
  • Attempts
    Any sophont found guilty of attempting to commit a crime, with the intent to carry out that crime, will receive the sentence for the crimes they attempted in full.
  • Conspiracy
    Any sophont found guilty of planning to commit a crime, with the intent to carry out that crime eventually, and having committed an overt act pursuant to that end, will receive the sentence for the crimes they conspired towards in full.
  • Deadly weapon
    Any sophont found guilty of committing a crime, utilising any object used offensively for the purpose of inflicting mortal or great bodily harm, will receive an additional modifier of, at most, 150% of the original sentence.
  • Aggravation
    Any sophont found guilty of committing a crime with reckless abandon, evident signs of lack of regret or remorse, or blatant disregard for potential collateral damage, will receive an additional modifier of, at most, 150% of the original sentence.
  • Discriminatory intent
    Any sophont found guilty of committing a crime based fully or in part based on the victim or affected party’s appearance, gender, psionics, religion, ability/disability, place of origin or habitation, culture, or other immutable feature or quality, will receive an additional modifier of, at most, 150% of the original sentence.
  • Recidivism
    Any sophont convicted of the same criminal charge multiple times within one shift will receive an additional modifier of, at most, 200% of the original sentence.


  • Cooperation
    Any sophont who shares actionable intelligence with the authorities, turns oneself in, testifies against accomplices, confesses to their crime, or otherwise aids the prosecution, may have their sentence reduced to no less than 50% of the original sentence.
  • Dire Emergency
    Any sophont found to have committed a crime in the process of absolutely necessary and reasonable actions, taken with the intent to resolve or mitigate the effects of a dire emergency on one’s vessel or habitat, may have their sentence reduced by any amount, or completely waived.
  • Self-Defence
    Any sophont found to have committed a crime or crimes in protection of oneself or another, and only to the necessary extent to avert a direct and imminent threat to the health and life of innocent persons, may have their sentence reduced by any amount, or completely waived.
  • Good Behaviour
    Any convict who peacefully complies with the authorities, displays clear signs of remorse concerning the committed crime, and/or conducts themselves peacefully while imprisoned, may be paroled as outlined in the Standard Operating Procedures.


Capital Crimes

Code Name Time Description
301 Murder Capital To kill a sophont with malicious intent and premeditation.
303 Terrorism Capital To commit an act with the intent to cause injury or death, or to take hostages, in order to provoke a state of terror in, intimidate, or compel a group of sophonts to do or to abstain from doing any act.
304 Grand Sabotage Capital To engage in malicious actions that directly or indirectly make uninhabitable or inoperable a vessel or its part, or irreversibly modify and/or damage technology one is not authorised to access, causing severe bodily harm or death to multiple sophonts.
305 Decorporealisation Capital To unlawfully, maliciously, and permanently strip a sophont’s mind from their body.
309 Kidnapping Capital To unlawfully confine or restrict the free movement of a sophont against their will.
311 Sedition Capital To act to overthrow a lawfully established Chain of Command or governing body without lawful or legitimate cause.
314 Sexual Harassment Capital To sexually harass, attempt to coerce into sexual relations, or effect unwanted sexual contact with an unwilling sophont.


Code Name Time Description
201 Manslaughter 8 minutes To effect violence upon a sophont, resulting in their death, without the apparent intent to kill them.
202 Grand Theft 8 minutes To unlawfully take highly restricted, dangerous, valuable, or highly sensitive property or items without consent.
203 Black Marketeering 6 minutes To sell, distribute, or otherwise circulate restricted items or substances to unauthorised sophonts or entities.
204 Sabotage 6 minutes To engage in malicious actions that directly or indirectly hinder the operation of a vessel or its part, modify and/or damage technology one is not authorised to access, or endanger multiple sophonts.
205 Mindbreaking 5 minutes To unlawfully and maliciously rid a psionic sophont of their powers.
206 Assault 5 minutes To cause physical harm or to effect unwanted physical contact on a sophont, without the apparent intent to kill them, or to threaten such actions with both capability and intent to do so.
207 Abuse of Power 5 minutes To intentionally misuse or wrongfully exercise one’s own authority, influence, or control, resulting in harm, unjust treatment, or demonstrable loss to a separate party due to violation of ethical and professional standards.
208 Possession Up to 5 minutes To be in unauthorised possession of restricted items or items of particular danger. See Controlled Substances/Items, Controlled Armaments.
209 Endangerment 4 minutes To recklessly abandon obligations involving the continued wellbeing and/or protection of life and property, through malpractice, action, or inaction.
210 Breaking and Entering 4 minutes To break and enter into a high security area where one is not authorised nor invited, with intent to commit a crime within.
211 Rioting 4 minutes To partake in an unauthorised riotous, tumultuous, and disruptive public assembly that refuses to disperse after warning.
212 Contempt of Court 4 minutes To conduct oneself disruptively and disrespectfully before the court.
213 Perjury or False Report 3 minutes To wilfully and maliciously tell an untruth either in court or in the process of making an actionable report to law enforcement.
214 Obstruction of Justice 2 minutes To wilfully disobey, interfere with, or refuse a decree of the court, warrant, or arrest.


Code Name Time Description
101 Animal Cruelty 3 minutes To inflict unnecessary suffering on a sapient being with malicious intent.
102 Theft 2 minutes To unlawfully take property or items without consent.
110 Trespass 2 minutes To enter into an area where one is not authorised nor invited.
111 Vandalism 2 minutes To deface or superficially damage public property, or property belonging to another person.
112 Hooliganism As necessary To intentionally and maliciously engage in disruptive conduct, where one refuses to cease.

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