High-Risk Items

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These are items that are often desired by traitors for themselves or as an objective for the Syndicate. Theft of one of these objects is usually enough to warrant a charge of Grand Theft under Space Law.

Note that as per rule 2, you should not be stealing these items as a non antagonist.

High-Risk Items

Icon Item Description
Captain's ID The Captain's ID or spare ID will do. The Captain starts with one in their PDA as is such carried around on their person. Another can be found in their locker, located in their quarters usually adjacent to the bridge. This is the backup ID card of the Captain in an event if the original NT-Issued Captain's ID is lost.
Chief Medical Officer's Hypospray Found in the CMO's locker but more often carried on their person in their belt, pocket, or backpack as it is their most useful tool. The CMO's hypospray is the only device on station that can instantaneously inject a crew member with up to 30 units of any chemical.
Mystagogue's Hardsuit Found in the Mysta's locker or more often worn on their person. Very hard item to hide.
Nuclear Authentication Disk Found in the Captain's locker or on the Captain. Can be located using a Pinpointer, which will always point toward it's location and turn green when near. This disk is required in order to activate both the Syndicate and on-station Nuclear Fission Explosives. Without the disk and nuclear codes, the Nuclear Fission Explosive can't be detonated. The Captain is expected to have the disk on their person at all times, or at the very least kept in a secure location. If it is somehow destroyed, it will teleport to a random location on station.
Chief Engineer's Magboots Found in the CE's locker or more often worn on their person. A specialized pair of magboots that prevents the user from slipping. Unlike regular magboots, these boots don't slow down movement while active, thus there is no drawback to keeping them on permanently.
Psionic Mantis' Knife Found in the Mantis' locker or more likely on their person. A knife specifically made to deal with psionics.
Logistics Officer's Requisition Digi-Board Found in the LO's locker or more likely on their person. A very useful board that allows the user to request and accept orders anywhere on the station.
Captain's Antique Laser Gun Found in the Captain's room but most of the time is actually carried by the Captain. The Captain's Antique Laser Gun is a self-recharging laser pistol to be used only in extreme emergencies.
Head of Security's X-01 MultiPhase Energy Gun Found in the Head of Security's locker but most of the time is actually carried by the Head of Security.
Captain's Jetpack Found in the Captain's locker or on the Captain. A jetpack to provide stability and direction in the vast darkness of space. This one is a special one that is used by the Captain.
Mystagogue's Hand Teleporter Found in the Mysta's locker or more often on their person. A miniaturized teleporter that can fit in one's pocket.
Head of Security's Emergency Security Orders Found in the HoS' locker. Might end up in the vault. These documents specify the Emergency Orders that the HoS must carry out when ordered by Central Command.
Logistics Officer's Lucky Bill Found in the LO' locker. The first bill earned by the Logistics Officer. The Syndicate often sends agents to steal these simply to annoy or otherwise embarrass the Logistics Officer.
Head of Personnel's Photobook Found in the HoP's locker.

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