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Psionic Mantis

From Delta-V Wiki
This page needs revising!
This page contains information that is either out-of-date or from a different source (e.g. Upstream SS14). Some information on this page may differ from how it actually works on Delta-V.
Reason for revision: "Define what they are meant to actually do + fix wrong info"

Psionic Mantis
Difficulty: Hard
Requirements: 5 hours of playtime, 1 hour in Epistemics
Access: Epistemics, Maintenance, Psionic Mantis
Extended Access: None
Supervisors: Mystagogue
Subordinates: None
Duties: Solve mysteries. Track down psionics. Mindbreak psionics when Code White is called.
Guides: Psionics, Glimmer, Alert Procedure

The Psionic Mantis is the psionic investigator of Epistemics. While they report to the Mystagogue, their ability to locate and identify psionics can be very helpful to security if one is causing trouble. Thus, while a Mantis’ key jobs are to identify the psychic powers of the crew and analyze evidence, they can assist many other roles with some authority.


Image Name Description
PDA This isn’t just an ID holder. It holds pens, too! The Notekeeper function can help you keep a Psychic Registry on the go, and the Crew Manifest is indispensable for referencing crew IDs. It also features a glimmer monitor.
Mindbreaker Toxin The standard solution for removing psionics without physically damaging humanoids.
Anti-Psychic Knife Exceptionally powerful against psionic creatures.
Insulative Skullcap An armored helmet which insulates its wearer from psionic abilities. This also suppresses your own powers.
Insulative Headcage A more restrictive version of the skullcap, usually for fitting on prisoners. It's difficult to take off on your own.


  • Don’t forget you’re a member of Epistemics. You have the access and ability to progress research or control glimmer in the absence of acolytes.
  • Your Metapsionic Pulse is key to identifying nearby psychics and recognizing abilities they use. However, it has an inconveniently large radius, and can be affected by psychic phenomena that aren’t the crew, such as The Oracle.
  • Telepathic speech comes through anonymously. While it can help you identify crew members with powers and can be used to communicate even while in critical condition, it can never be fully trusted.
  • Psychics aren’t inherently evil. There are many who never use their powers or can be called upon to help in times of need. Don’t underestimate a trusted friend’s ability to gather information with Telegnosis.
  • Unless on Code White, psionics are protected just like any other sophont. Only mindbreaker people with express permission of Captain, the Head of Security, or Mystagouge.
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