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Difficulty: Medium
Requirements: 8 hours in Medical
Access: Medical, Chemistry, Maintenance
Extended Access: None
Supervisors: Chief Medical Officer
Subordinates: None
Duties: Produce medicinal drugs for the doctors to use, research ethically dubious rare chemicals, and produce weapons of war when enemies of the station arrive.
Guides: Medical, Chemistry, Cryogenic Pods

So you want a deeper look into Chemistry! Welcome to the orange room. You're responsible for making any number of chemicals, solvents, cleaners, toxins, and whatever else the crew requires.


Chemistry comes in many forms, depending on the station. The most important machines for this are the Chemical Dispenser and the ChemMaster4000. You may not have access to the Chemical Dispenser at round start. If so, you'll be balancing Jug Chemistry then.

Since the 4 usual damage types are Brute, Burn, Airloss and Toxin, you will need to create cures for all of them as well as for blood loss, the most common being:

Chemists can also make less common meds ranging from recovering from eye damage, curing a zombie plague, curing a bee sting or assisting a hangover. In an outbreak, you may be asked to work with the medical team to bulk produce a cure. Remember to use the Radio to work closely with the crew.

Jug Chemistry

Jug chemistry is the rough name given to when you don't have a Chemical Dispenser, but you do have jugs of various chemicals available. These 'base ingredients' can be used to mix up any medication you need and more can be ordered from Cargo in various crates.

To mix these chemicals, select the jug you want to mix with and select your transfer amount of the chemical by right-clicking the jug while in your hands and 'set transfer amount.' Then pour the chemical into a beaker or an empty jug. You can quickly mass-produce certain chemicals if you know the exact quantities, or you can pour them into beakers to then put into the ChemMaster4000 to then produce pills.

Chemical Dispenser

The chemical dispenser's main purpose is to get and mix chemicals. You have an infinite supply of chemicals but require power to use it.

To use it, you need to:

  • Click on it with a beaker to put a it in. (Note that if it already has a beaker inside, it will swap it with the one in your hand);
  • Open the chemical dispenser's GUI;
  • Select the amount (u) to add to the beaker;
  • Select the chemical you want to add to the beaker. (Note that the chemicals will react instantly)
  • Click Eject


  • Oxygen and Hydrogen cannot be turned into water (as at 2023)
  • Some recipes will require input of external ingredients such as blood, welder fuel (from fuel tanks), plasma or water.
  • Some recipes require multiple interim chemicals. The order that you add chemicals can be important (e.g. to make tricordrazine, make inaprovaline before dylovene). Otherwise you may get unexpected results.
  • Some chemicals are easier obtained via Hydroponics Tray medical plants. e.g. Lingzhi when ground produces epinephrine. Medical plants raw can also heal small amounts. The amount varies on the strength (and size) of the plant. Multiple plants can be eaten one after the other to stack their effect. A single max strength poppy is more effective than 0.5u of bicaridine. However, grinding them produces chemicals more effective than eating the plant raw. High strength plants produce more chemicals.


ChemMaster4000's purpose is to make pills or bottles with the chemical of your choosing.

  • Put a container in your active hand. e.g. pill cannister or bottle.
  • Click the ChemMaster machine to put it into the Output tab
  • Put a beaker in your active hand
  • Click the ChemMaster machine to put it into the Input tab
  • If you want to make a pill/bottle:
    • Ensure that there is a Container loaded in the Input tab that has chemicals in it.
    • Add the chemicals. Click the Transfer button next to a chemical to load it to the buffer. ("All" adds everything in the beaker, "5" adds 5u, "10" adds 10u etc.);
    • Check the chemicals. All chemical types in the buffer will be output. e.g. It is a good idea to have both Arithrazine and Bicaridine in the buffer so that they are both added to the output to complement each other.
    • Change to the Output tab
    • Change the label if necessary. As most of your colleagues may not know chemistry, a kind chemist will prefix the label with its effect and dosage. e.g. Brute [Bicar. 25u]
    • If you're making pills, set the pill's visual appearance.
    • Set the dose 15u or 25u or 30u is typically enough.
    • Set the amount of pills/bottles you want to create.
    • Hit the create button.
  • If you want to get rid of the chemical in the buffer:
    • Select either transfer (moves chemical to inserted container) or discard (gets rid of the chemical completely);
    • Select the amount to transfer/discard.

Reagent Grinder

The Reagent Grinder enables objects to be ground or liquified.

The Medical Doctor in charge of making medicine will need to grind 1 plasma in this in order to make some medication like Dexalin. Only one object can be ground at a time so if you insert a stack of objects it will not work. A Large Beaker will need to be loaded into the Reagent Grinder by left clicking on the machine with the object in your active hand.

A Grinder can also be used to test the contents of pills. Insert the pill and a beaker and then click Grind in order to return the contents of the pill to the beaker in liquid form.

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