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From Delta-V Wiki

Difficulty: Easy to Medium
Requirements: None
Access: Whatever your job has access to.
Extended Access: Wherever you can hack into.
Supervisors: None
Subordinates: None
Duties: Add some NT property to your personal collection without using violence.
Guides: Hacking

You are a thief that is only affiliated with yourself.

When you get selected as a thief you are given a bunch of stealing objectives and are given the pacifism trait as you are a light antagonist and shouldn't be killing people for no reason.

Your Tools

You start with a pair of chameleon thieving gloves and a toolbox with undetermined tools in it because you have to remember what you packed in it.

Interacting with the toolbox allows you to pick two kits for you to accomplish your objectives with.

Icon Item Contents
Chameleon's Kit 1x chameleon jumpsuit
1x chameleon vest
1x chameleon scarf
1x chameleon gas mask
1x chameleon hat
1x chameleon glasses
1x chameleon headset
1x chameleon shoes
Bearcatcher's Kit 1x advanced industrial welding tool
1x engineering goggles
1x insulated gloves
1x jaws of life
1x multitool
2x C4
1x clown wig and mask
Chemistry Kit 1x storage implanter
1x DNA scrambler implanter
1x ephedrine bottle
1x omega soap
1x syringe
1x vodka bottle
Syndie Kit 1x agent ID card
1x cryptographic sequencer (emag)
1x syndicate personal ai device
1x master at arms hat
1x interdyne herbals packet
10x telecrystal
Sleepwalker's Kit 1x syndicate black pyjama hat
1x black syndicate pyjamas
3x nocturine bottle
1x hypopen box
1x nitrous oxide tank
1x syndicate bedsheet
Communicator's Kit 1x station master encryption key
1x cybersun pen
1x spy monitor
1x brown briefcase (20000 spesos, sunglases, tacticool jumpsuit, jensen coat, black combat gloves, neck gaiter, thief figurine)
1x chameleon voice mask
Smuggler's Kit 1x invisible crate
1x void cloak
1x fulton beacon
10x fulton
3x smoke grenade

Roles on DeltaV
Command Captain · Head of Personnel · Head of Security · Chief Engineer · Mystagogue · Chief Medical Officer · Logistics Officer
Security Head of Security · Warden · Security Officer · Prison Guard · Corpsman · Detective · Security Cadet
Engineering Chief Engineer · Atmospheric Technician · Station Engineer · Technical Assistant
Epistemics Mystagogue · Psionic Mantis · Chaplain · Scientist · Research Assistant
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