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Listening Post Operative

From Delta-V Wiki

Listening Post Operative
Difficulty: Easy
Requirements: 72 hours of playtime, 11.11 hours in Security, 11.11 hours in Service, 11.11 hours in any Command
Access: Syndicate
Extended Access: None
Supervisors: Hostile Corporations
Subordinates: None
Duties: Monitor station communications and report station activities. Assist any fellow operatives who may be aboard the station. Do not abandon your listening post or let it get captured by Nanotrasen.
Guides: Traitor

You are a member of a four man crew for an advanced FTL-capable ministation. The Syndicate has sent you and your crew to the station to spy on Nanotrasen Operations, and to assist any Syndicate agents that may be in the area.

The Station

The Listening Outpost is a highly advanced stealth station, that comes equipped with everything you will need to spy on the NT crew, as well as suitable life support equipment to last for your entire twelve hour shift until relieved by syndicate command. It is cleverly camouflaged as an asteroid, sporting a dense shell of rocky material that serves to hide its true purpose.

Aboard the station is a suite of high-tech espionage equipment; a hot-wired communications server; medical server, voice mask and the latest of Nanotrasen-issue Stamps and in-use documents to compliment your communications requirements.

Your Crew

You are not alone in this endeavor. In addition to your own duties, you have three fellow crew members, one of which is a second radio operator, and the other two are well trained guards. Your fellow radio operator will assist with your duties, doing whatever you two see fit for the task.

The guards, though well trained, make for incredibly poor conversation. They are extraordinarily aggressive towards individuals who are not members of the Syndicate, and will lay down their lives to protect the outpost without any hesitation.

Your Orders

These orders are issued by Syndicate High Command, and are official instructions to be followed by LP Operatives. These three rules reflect the actual ghost-role rules given by the role, but also serve as helpful clarifications on common questions. Should you have any questions or need on clarification for the role, feel free to ask on the discord, or ask in an ahelp.

1. Do not permit the outpost to fall into enemy hands.

This does not necessarily mean that you will be in trouble if the station is taken over by NT crew, although if that happens you are likely to be dead anyway. You are therefore expected to make every reasonable effort possible to prevent loss of the outpost and its equipment to NT staff. This can include efforts as simple as bolting the outer doors, ordering visitors to leave, and defending the outpost interior with deadly force. You are not required to attack visitors to the outpost, but any hostile act by non-outpost crew must be met with deadly force. Should it prove necessary, you must attempt to scuttle the outpost if all other efforts to prevent capture are failing. This must be done by destroying the outpost's power supply, atmospheric system, and spying equipment.

2. Assist any operatives who may be in the area

You are expected to at reasonably regular intervals, utilize your syndicate encrypted radio to attempt contact with agents in or around the target station. You have been provided with up-to-date codewords that will be used by undercover agents, which may be used to identify legitimate co-conspirators. Your options for support are limited by the nature of the outpost, and will generally amount to information gathering. You are also permitted to offer aid in the form of equipment and supplies to ship-bound agents, but do not permit other syndicate agents to stay at your outpost for long. They have a job to do on the station, and should not be kept from doing their duty.

If you give the full list of codewords to the crew, you can expect to be dewhitelisted and/or banned.

3. Do not abandon your post without good reason to do so

Unless you are either relieved of duty by a replacement crew, or catastrophic damage to the outpost has rendered it permanently inoperable, you are not permitted to leave the outpost. Any legitimate replacement crew will have official documentation by your commanding officers within the Syndicate, along with an official representative from your benefactor. This doesn't necessarily mean that you are required to "Go down with the ship"-- we aren't corporate savages after all, but you must still have accomplished your first objective before abandoning the station has become an option. Syndicate high command understands that plenty of things can go wrong in space, and even a particularly harsh meteor shower can take out the outpost air supply if you're unlucky. Should this happen, you are permitted to broadcast a distress call over open radio, turn on the outpost beacon, and then follow up with all necessary scuttling procedures. The outpost must be destroyed to prevent capture in such a situation.

Please do keep in mind that Syndicate high command has stocked the outpost with all resources necessary to affect basic repairs, should the outpost be damaged. Abandoning the outpost simply because there's a crack in the bridge windows is unacceptable behavior.

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