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Prison Guard

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Prison Guard
Difficulty: Hard
Requirements: 5 hours of playtime, 4 hours in Security
Access: Security, Maintenance
Extended Access: None
Supervisors: Warden
Subordinates: None
Duties: Babysits the prisoners. Protect the hallways of the Brig.
Guides: Security Officer, Space Law, SOP, Alert Procedure, Company Policy

Remember to read the Space Law and SOP, even if you don't leave the prison hallways you should know the law.

Your main job is to take care of the prisoners, make sure they stay in their cells and confiscate anything they shouldn't have. To be even more useful to the Warden, you can keep track of the time of the punishments and remind them to let certain prisoners go when their sentence is over.

In the chance that you have no Prisoners to take care of, your secondary job is to guard the hallways of security similarly to the Warden's job.

It is suggested to read the Security Officer guide for details on the tools at your disposal.

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