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Paradox Anomaly

From Delta-V Wiki

Paradox Anomaly
Difficulty: Hard
Requirements: None
Access: Wherever your job has access to
Extended Access: Wherever you can gain illicit access to
Supervisors: Department's Head of Staff
Subordinates: None
Duties: Replace your double, or befriend them.
Guides: This is the guide

Some instability in the noösphere has resulted in an error in the very fabric of reality, even time itself!

Sometimes during a shift, it's possible for a clone of one of the station's crew to manifest somewhere on the station. The Paradox Anomaly will start with the exact same starting equipment as their clone. The paradox clone can either now hunt down and kill the original and take their place or just try to play it off like they are long lost twins.

The Imposter Among Us

Paradox Anomalies are spawned during the round and available ghosts can take control of them. A random station crewmember will be selected to be cloned, and the Paradox Anomaly will spawn with that exact appearance.

The paradox anomaly is extremely simple as far as antagonists go. No tricky gadgets, no fancy powers, no outside support, nothing. The only advantage they have is the fact that they have the exact appearance, quirks, and DNA as a random crew member on the station, wearing the same clothes they were at the start of the shift, including their ID. This CAN include jobs normally excluded from being an antagonist like security officers or the detective.

The main objective for a Paradox Anomaly is either to assassinate the original, and to act as them for the rest of the round (ideally without being detected) or keep your clone alive and make friend with them. The secondary objective is to escape to centcom, alive and unrestrained.

This is your universe now.


  • Try to avoid being noticed by the original too early.
  • Copy your target's speech patterns to more effectively imitate them.
  • Try to ambush your target in an out of the way area, where nobody will notice if you replace them.
  • Alternatively, attack them in an extremely obvious manner, claiming that they're the clone.
  • Makeshift weapons are your friend here. You can often scrounge up the parts without even leaving maintenance.
  • If your target is hard to reach and security is particularly bloodthirsty today, try framing them for a capital crime- then relax and sit back as security does all the hard work for you.
  • Keep track of any changes in your target's appearance. Your greatest strength is that you're indistinguishable from your target, but you lose that if their outfit is very clearly different from yours.
  • If the quiet approach fails, there's always explosives. Security can't identify giblets!

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