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From Delta-V Wiki

Difficulty: Easy
Requirements: 1 hour in Service
Access: Service, Maintenance, Bar
Extended Access: Kitchen, Hydroponics
Supervisors: Head of Personnel
Subordinates: None
Duties: Serve drinks, look after the bar, host events
Guides: Drinks

As a bartender, you relax and prevent your crew from suffering from thirst. A thirsty crewmember will walk slower than normal which in an emergency can be lethal. It is your top priority to ensure that there are always available drinks at your bar for those that want a quick topup. Refilling empty soda cans and teacups can be used by a thrifty barkeep if rowdy customers destroy your glass tableware. It's also your responsibility to lend a listening ear and a friendly face to those in need.

The most important machines for your job are Booze-O-Mat and Booze & Soda Dispenser. You also receive a trusty double-barrelled shotgun, which you can use to keep the bar peaceful.

Remember to use the Radio to work closely with the crew.


Durathread Vest: Don't underestimate the value of this in blocking damage
Double-Barrelled Shotgun (See below)
A shaker for mixing drinks
Vending machine containing formal uniforms like what you start with, black shoes and top hats.
Booze-O-Mat: Your ID-locked best friend and container of all that is alcoholic.
Beer Goggles: For identifying reagents in drinks. Additionally, allows you to throw glasses without breaking it or spilling a drop of its contents.
Pun Pun: Your loyal monkey assistant. Has a tendency to push people around, ring the bar bell, be abused, and get harvested for meat by the chef.

Your shotgun

Your shotgun is double-barrelled. It can hold two shells at once and fire both in quick succession. It starts loaded with two beanbag shells, and there's extra ones in your locker. It will be your main self defence weapon against the various hooligans that wants to deface your bar, serve themselves on your dispensers or harm you.

Tending to your Bar

You have a whole bunch of spirits in your handy Booze-o-mat vending machine and booze/soda dispenser, with which to mix all manner of drinks.

Difficulty is minimal, but bar fights can get deadly if your most valued patrons are too drunk to intervene.


Booze-O-Mat is a simple vending machine with glasses, shakers and pre-made drinks. You can dispense a couple fancy looking bottles of drinks to set them on the table. Though don't get too lazy and remember to still brew a couple drinks!

This machine whilst it contains finite items, can be restocked via a Booze-O-Mat restock box that Logistics can purchase.

Booze & Soda Dispenser

Booze Dispenser Soda Dispenser Booze and soda dispensers dispense booze and soda! They accept glasses, shakers and beakers.

Load a dispenser by clicking on it with a container, open the GUI by clicking it again, and there you go! You can add whatever you want to the glass, similar to how you do it with a Chemical Dispenser. Recipes for more complicated drinks can be found here.

Getting Supplies

  • Hydroponics can supply you raw ingredients such as tomatoes. You get an unlimited supply of some juices in your machines.
  • Medical can supply you tricordrazine. Pills can be turned into liquid at several machines however they have limited capacity. Try lending a Drinking Glass to the Chemists instead.
  • Chef can supply you milk if they have a Cow.

Beyond The Booze-o-Mat

The chemist has access to, and will usually readily give, most of the chemicals you could want for drinks. In addition, many chemicals have tastes and effects on their own, and can be added to drinks to create flavor/effect combinations that are impossible with just the booze-o-mat and dispensers.

Things to keep in mind

  • You have a shotgun. Don't be afraid to use it if someone is disturbing the peace. Make sure to know whether you have lethal or non-lethal rounds loaded in.
  • Cooperate with the Chef.
  • For more complicated drinks you might require supplies from other departments. Don't be afraid to ask your fellow crewmates to deliver you whatever you might need for that special beverage!
  • Don't be afraid to refurbish the bar to crew's liking and add a couple fancy things within reason, like a stage with a piano, couple extra tables with chairs or conveyor belts for food.
  • Particularly savvy bartenders can use a bucket to brew larger or more precise amounts of drinks. You can't put it in the dispenser, but you can pour things into it.

Don't forget to have fun - play chess with your customers, host a boxing match, play live music via a MIDI instrument, get everyone drunk - there are numerous things to do and you shouldn't only focus on making drinks. Good luck :)

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