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From Delta-V Wiki

Difficulty: Medium
Requirements: None
Access: You can fly through walls
Extended Access: None
Supervisors: None
Subordinates: None
Duties: Be everyone worst nightmare. Eat the crew's life force. Drive the crew insane.
Guides: This is the guide

Revenants are ghosts that have been infused with strange energies and brought partially back into the mortal plane in areas filled with high level of noöspheric pressure. They are invisible to the naked eye but can still be influenced by magical or holy means. Revenants are typically immortal while invisible, but most of their spooky abilities will reveal them to the crew for brief amounts of time.

Delicious Life Force

So, you're a newly-spawned Revenant. How spooky! One of the first things you may notice is that you look badass you have a large purple E with a number next to it where you usually see your health status. That's Essence, and it is your most important resource.

Your maximum health is your Essence, and it will regenerate up to 75 by default. If your Essence hits zero, you die, leaving a pile of blue dust that will be sought after by the various scientists of the station.

You can rise your maximum Essence/health by harvesting humanoids that are still alive.


Most of your spooky abilities are behind a point lock and you need to have some extra Essence to unlock them. To get Essence, you have one ability by default: Harvest.

This can be activated by clicking on a target. It will cause you to drain essence from an unconscious or dead humanoid - the essence depends on their state;

  • 15-20 essence for corpses.
  • 35-50 for corpses with the soul still in.
  • 45-70 for still-living humanoids with no soul
  • 75-100 for a still-living humanoid with a soul.

If they're unconscious or stunned when you do this, the person will also die.

You can't drain the same corpse twice, however, so you'll need to get creative with your powers or wander around for a bit.

Note that while you're harvesting something or have recently used an ability, you can be seen and attacked by the living, and will be unable to move while channeling the ability.
Once you can move again, you will still be revealed for a short period of time with a series of weaknesses. This is your most vulnerable form, and you can be killed if not careful! While in this state, you cannot move through walls or most solid objects and are slow, though you can open doors, move across tables and plastic flaps, as well as go through living mobs.

Ability Shop

Below is a list of all the abilities a Revenant can use and unlock.

You can only acquire new abilities with the Essence that you have harvested from living and dead creatures. You can check your stolen essence by opening the shop and checking at the top left corner.

Name Unlock Cost Use Cost Cooldown Stun & Reveal time Description

10 Essence 30 Essence 15 seconds Stun for 1s
Reveal for 4s
Defiles the surrounding area, ripping up floors, damaging windows, opening containers, and throwing items.

Overload Lights
25 Essence 40 Essence 20 seconds Stun for 3s
Reveal for 8s
Overloads all nearby lights, causing lights to pulse and sending out dangerous lightning.

125 Essence 60 Essence 20 seconds Stun for 2s
Reveal for 8s
Makes nearby electronics stop working properly.

Fighting the Unholy Menace

So you're a crew member and you just saw a guy's body start floating and dying to a spooky dead cosmonaut. You've shouted over the radio and now the rest of the crew knows. Revenants can range from annoying to amazingly dangerous, and the more bodies they drain, the more powerful they get. However, there are a few things to keep in mind while fighting revenants.

Revenants are generally hard to fight, mainly because they're both invisible, can phase through walls, and can't take damage in this state, but there are a few ways around it. Generally, waiting for them to drain someone or reveal themselves is the best time to go ham on their ass.

While they have a 50% resistance to BRUTE damage, they are quite vulnerable to Heat and Holy damage, so stock up on lasers and holy water, a bible or the Psionic Mantis' anti-psychic knife as they can deal quite some damage to the ghostly figure. If you find yourself in possession of Dispel you can also be quite helpful against a Revenant.

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