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From Delta-V Wiki

Difficulty: Medium to Very Hard
Requirements: 24 hours of playtime
Access: Whatever your job has access to.
Extended Access: Wherever you can hack into.
Supervisors: Hostile Corporations
Subordinates: None
Duties: Kill people, steal shit, commit terrorism. Follow your objectives or make your own, don't plasma flood the station.
Guides: Guide to Traitor, Syndicate Items

Oh boy, you're a Traitor!

Traitors are thugs, thieves, saboteurs, and other criminals sent by a shadowy organization known simply as the Syndicate. Disguised as normal crewmembers, each traitor is given a special syndicate uplink hidden in their PDA which allows them to request unique and/or powerful items from the Syndicate by inputting a special code. They're otherwise normal people though, and once the heat is on, they must rely on their wits and Syndicate gear to make it through!

Traitors also get three or more Traitor Objectives, such as assassinating specific crewmembers, stealing items such as the Captain's ID or the Chief Engineer's magboots, and becoming a golem, among many others. While they're tracked, these objectives are more suggestions than anything else, and traitors are allowed to completely disregard their objectives to do whatever.

As a traitor, you have the freedom to trick, coerce, mail, kill, and even experiment on the clueless crew of the station, within role-play reasons. Please be aware that being a traitor does not prevent you from being punished for breaking the rules! If you're selected to be a traitor, you get a loud sound warning and a message in the chat box that says HEY YOU ARE A TRAITOR and opening the character menu (C) allows you to see your Syndicate objectives. If you're not sure, ask in adminhelp (Hotkey: F1) if you're a traitor!

Oh god I'm a traitor for the first time, help!

Useful pages: Syndicate Items, Guide to Traitor

Don't worry. It doesn't really matter if you don't win. Just make a valiant attempt at it. Remember, you don't have to get traitor gear right away, or ever if you don't want to, so don't get anything unless you know what you want to use it for. Nobody cares if you decide to ignore your objectives and cause a little chaos instead. Being a traitor is also a great opportunity to run gimmicks that could get you banned as a normal crewman. If the Syndicate tells you to steal a pair of optical thermal scanners and instead you kidnap the Captain and force the crew to answer trivia questions to save his life, you are not being a bad traitor at all!

I lost my code/objectives!

Crashed on roundstart or simply forgotten the code you need to enter into your PDA to get Syndicate Items? Use the Character menu, defaults to C.

Who can be a traitor?

All jobs are potential traitors, except for:
Command Staff: Captain, Chief Engineer, Mystagogue, Head of Security, Chief Medical Officer, Logistics Officer, Head of Personnel
Security: Warden, Security Officer, Prison Guard, Corpsman, Detective, Security Cadet
Other: Cyborg, Prisoner, Gladiator

Traitor selection happens AFTER job selection, so if you get picked as Captain, you won't be able to become a traitor. There can be multiple traitors in a single round. Traitors are randomly selected from those who ready up before roundstart. It is also possible, under certain conditions, to become a traitor upon late-joining. Not every game mode allows for traitors.

Just because these roles do not spawn as traitors, does not necessarily mean that they are above the law, nor that a traitor couldn’t impersonate or be promoted to one of these roles. Using this knowledge to change how you would act In Character could get you in trouble.

Can traitors work together/kill each other?

Traitors are free to team up with fellow traitors if they wish. Sometimes, it's a good idea to. Not only is being evil more fun and less stressful when you have a friend, but you can also complement each others' skills and loadouts, i.e. having a fellow traitor Medical Doctor or Station Engineer get you medicine while you get tools and weapons for a heist. At the very least, you have someone who're hopefully at least somewhat inclined to help you out of a sticky situation.

However, collaborations are quite fragile. Traitors don't know who else is a traitor by default, and it's difficult to find out who is one unless you've seen them wielding/using Syndicate Items, know their PDA has an Syndicate uplink, or you identify each other using code words.

Your only guaranteed collaborators, should they be in the area, are any Syndicate Listening Post Operatives in the area; on standby through the Syndicate Communications channel on your radio.

Roles on DeltaV
Command Captain · Head of Personnel · Head of Security · Chief Engineer · Mystagogue · Chief Medical Officer · Logistics Officer
Security Head of Security · Warden · Security Officer · Prison Guard · Corpsman · Detective · Security Cadet
Engineering Chief Engineer · Atmospheric Technician · Station Engineer · Technical Assistant
Epistemics Mystagogue · Psionic Mantis · Chaplain · Scientist · Research Assistant
Medical Chief Medical Officer · Medical Doctor · Paramedic · Chemist · Psychologist · Medical Intern
Logistics Logistics Officer · Cargo Technician · Salvage Specialist · Courier
Service Head of Personnel · Janitor · Bartender · Botanist · Chef · Service Worker · Boxer · Clown · Martial Artist · Mime · Lawyer · Musician · Reporter · Passenger · Zookeeper · Librarian · Gladiator · Prisoner
Sillicon Cyborg · Personal AI
Antagonists Traitor · Nuclear Operative · Space Ninja · Thief · Paradox Anomaly · Revenant · Space Dragon · Listening Post Operative · Zombie