Space Ninja

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Space Ninja
Difficulty: Hard
Requirements: 72 hours of playtime
Access: None
Extended Access: Basically anywhere
Supervisors: Spider Clan
Subordinates: None
Duties: Energy sword everything, nom on electrical wires.
Guides: This is the guide

You are a ninja, but in space. The Spider Clan has sent you to the station to wreak all kinds of havoc, from bolting the armory open and killing the entire station to engaging in a slipping war with the clown and fighting in rage cages.

You must fight with honor. That means no guns, they're for those cowards.


You start with a microbomb implant, so if you get KIA or seppuku you will leave behind a nice crater and all your precious equipment is kept out of enemy hands.

Your bag is full of tools for more subtle sabotage, along with a survival box if you need a snack.

You have a jetpack and a special pinpointer that will always point to the station, these will let you actually get to the station.

Ninja Suit

Perhaps your most important possession, this enables all abilities. Don't lose it. It requires power to function, provided from an internal battery. It starts out with a small capacity powercell and doesn't last long. Upgrading it quickly is advised. Pro tip: seclites have high capacity powercells. You can see the current charge by examining your suit, a general level can be seen in an alert on the right of your screen. This battery can be recharged in 2 ways:

  • Inserting a better powercell into your suit. Will permanently increase your power capacity. Can't be repeated with the same tier so you can be tactical with when you upgrade.
  • Recharging by draining an APC, substation or SMES using your special gloves.

Your suit comes with a phase cloak, which can be turned on to make you almost completely invisible. If you run out of power, you will be revealed. Worse yet, if you are attacked while cloaked you are revealed and cannot use any abilities for a short duration.

You can summon ninja soap using some power. It will disintegrate after a minute. Used to slip people, presumably. Cannot be sold so don't get any funny ideas, cargo.

Using a very large amount of power, typically half your capacity, you can create an EMP to disable electronics in a wide area.

Ninja Gloves

These bad boys are your bread and butter.

They are insulated so you can nom on wires in peace. Obviously they block your fingerprints from being left on things you touch. When the detective finds every door in security bolted open, he will not be able to find your prints and cannot deduce that, since your prints are not present in station records, there must be an intruder onboard. This is extremely important to gameplay and any change must have approval from John Syndicate himself, or an equivalent.

You have an action to toggle gloves. When the gloves are turned on, they allow you to use special abilities, which are triggered by interacting with things with an empty hand and with combat mode disabled.

Your glove abilities include:

  • Emagging an unlimited number of doors. They can't emag anything else so no syndie smokes for you.
  • Draining power from transformers such as APCs, substations and SMESes. The higher voltage, the more efficient it is. You can always do this, so long as your gloves are turned on and they have power stored, duh.
  • You can deliver an electric shock to any mob, stunning and slightly damaging them. Use it to get rid of anyone chasing you, or stun a target before executing them.
  • You can steal technologies from a research server for one of your objectives, if very little is researched you will need to do it yourself. This takes a long time. Any technologies unlocked are wiped from the server, but only ones you didn't already steal count for the objective.
  • You can hack a communications console to call in a threat. This can summon a space dragon or a revenant. Can only be done once for your objective. This takes a long time.

Energy Katana

The modern version of an ancient weeaboo sword. Deals a lot of damage and can be recalled at will, costing suit power proportional to the distance teleported. When in hand you can teleport to anywhere you can see, meaning past most doors and windows, but not past solid walls. This has a limited number of charges which regenerate slowly, so keep a charge or two spare incase you need a quick getaway from a sticky situation.

Spider Charge

A modified C-4 explosive, creates a large explosion but can only be armed in its target area. A random area on the map is selected for you to blow up, which is an objective. You can't manually activate it, so simply plant it on a wall or something. You can change the timer if you need more time to escape, or like the beeping noise. Can't be unstuck once planted.

Ninja Shoes

Last but not least, your sweet kicks. They make you really fast and unable to be slipped. Doesn't require energy to function


You start with 6 objectives. You are not required to complete them, but your NINJA HONOR (and desire to greentext) demands that you try.

  • Doorjack X doors on the station: Use your gloves to emag a random number of doors. You can either be subtle and emag dorms and maints, or go wild and bolt open the bridge and armory, to the woe of the crew and delight of traitors.
  • Steal X technologies: Steal technologies from a R&D server. You will have a fixed number of these required, so get researching if there's not enough.
  • Call in a threat: Hack a communications console to call in a random threat.
  • Detonate your spider charge: Plant your spider charge at a random location and watch it go boom.
  • Survive: This is harder than it sounds, trust me.
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