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This page contains information that is either out-of-date or from a different source (e.g. Upstream SS14). Some information on this page may differ from how it actually works on Delta-V.
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Difficulty: Medium to Hard
Requirements: 6 hours in Medical, 4 hours in Security
Access: Medical, Security, Maintenance, External, Corpsman
Extended Access: Chemistry
Supervisors: Head of Security
Subordinates: None
Duties: Make sure everyone in security is in tip top shape. Heal whoever gets arrested and put in the brig.
Guides: Space Law, SOP, Alert Procedure, Company Policy, Medical

The corpsman is a map-specific role. This means, not all maps feature this role for selection. Usually, if a map has a somewhat extended Prison (Perma), then the Corpsman will usually be available as well.

Maps that do have the Corpsman as a role: Arena Station, Asterisk Station,Hammurabi Prison Station, Shōkō Station, The Hive, Submarine Station, Tortuga Station
Maps that do thus NOT feature the Corpsman role: Edge Station, Pebble Station

The Corpsman, sometimes called Brigmedic, or simply the Security's medic, is exactly that. Your primary task is to provide the Prisoners as well as your fellow Officers with medical attention when needed. This is why you have access to both Security and Medical doors. While a Corpsman has some tools to deal with threats handled by Security, do note, that your first priority is still making sure your team as well as the Prisoners are alive and well.

You usually have a room next to Security, or the medical outpost, where you can treat wounded as needed in peace, as the doors to your office which are often-times equipped with a bed and maybe even a stasis-bed are Security doors. Do note, that your locker has some useful tools which can help kick-start your shift. This often includes 2 Tracking Implants and a GPS. Disablers. And your very own Hardsuit should things go rough.

Feel free to use the Crew Monitor at Medical from time to time to check up on your possible patients.

To summarize. Make sure to hand out your two Tracking Implants, if you have them. Check up on the prisoners regularly, as well as your security officers. If things go out of hand, feel free to use force and act as an officer, though do prioritize getting injured back safety and let your fellow officers deal with the threat if possible. If you have absolutely little to do, but Medical is in a rough spot, you might offer the Chief Medical Officer your help in treating injured people with the added bonus that they will have a Security Officer (You), in case something unexpected happens. But do not forget about your primary tasks!

It might be beneficial to either carry around some low amount of chemicals with you in form of bottles or bring some to your personal room, so you can treat prisoners and officers on site.

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