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Difficulty: Medium
Requirements: 10 hours in Security
Access: Security, Maintenance, Service, Detective
Extended Access: None
Supervisors: Head of Security
Subordinates: None
Duties: Investigate crime scenes using forensic tools, ensure that the guilty party is found, and have a couple smokes.
Guides: Forensics, Standard Operating Procedure, Space Law

Greetings Detective! Your job is to investigate the remains of any crime, find clues, identify the perpetrator, and ensure that the guilty party is apprehended by Security and the evidence is brought to trial.

You are an investigator. Your revolver is only for self-defence.

Tools of the Trade

Forensics Scanner: The scanner is your primary tool of the trade. It can interact with essentially any object in the game, from a murder weapon to the Head of Personnel's Prized Photobook. After a short action bar completes, the forensic scanner will pop up a list which includes the fingerprints and DNA's of everyone that interacted with the scanned object, as well as a separate list of all the glove fibers found on the object. Fingerprints and DNA's are entirely unique with each crewmember having a separate fingerprint and DNA code. Glove fibers are not, and all gloves of the same type will leave the same fibers. The scanner can store the most recently scanned information, or print out copies of the report with the handy button on the scanner allowing the detective to keep copies on file or in inventory while they scan something else.

Forensic Pad: The pad is the second half of your detecting toolkit. Pads are single use items that can be used on either an ungloved suspect, or on a set of gloves. If used on a suspect they provide that suspects unique fingerprint code, which can be used to match with evidence found by the forensics scanner at a crime scene. If used on gloves the forensic pad will instead show the fibers of that specific glove. After using a pad on a target, simply inspect it with Shift + LMB in your hand to read it. A handy trick to use with pads is to scan them with the forensic scanner to make a copy of the information on them, as long as no one else touches them after you use them. In your personal locker, also comes a box of extra forensic pads, take as many as you want or require.

Also in your locker comes: the detective's flask, handy for keeping nonalcoholic beverages on you to keep you hydrated when on duty.

Log Probe Cartridge: This tool will most likely be in your locker but can be extremely beneficial in catching perpetrators. It essentially allows you to check electronic access logs - in other words, people that have opened or closed things like doors.
To use it, you are required to install it onto your PDA, simply by using it onto your PDA. Afterwards, open the App on your PDA. If you now use a door, it will show you the last 20 people that have accessed said door, including time-stamp and their name as written on their ID. If someone opens a door without an ID (Only possible with all-access doors), it will state "unknown".

And importantly, The Inspector, also known as the detective's revolver. This gun is one of a kind, and comes with 6 shells. Sometimes, in the pursuit of Justice; you rush head first into the Lair of a unfavourable person and decisive action is needed. Additional rounds can be made by the Warden, but be prepared to answer for any use of lethal force. It might just be best to take a Baton instead.

Finally, any Detective worth the gum on their shoe will equip themselves with Detective Gloves, the latest in Nanotrasen Technology; which leave no fibres on any items it comes in contact with; you do NOT want to contaminate your evidence.

What is to be done?

Just like the humble Doctor, there is no work if someone's not getting hurt; so until an officer or the Head of Security requires your services your main objective is to patrol the station, see where you can be helpful and bide your time until someone is murdered in cold-blood or a location is broken into, at which point you can spring to action with your trusty Forensic Scanner and guide the long arm of the Law to the right direction.

When you've secured yourself a set of unauthorised finger prints on something like the crisp covers of the Head of Security's Secret Orders, you can take it to the Station Records terminal; often found in your office or the Bridge; you can cross-reference the fingerprints/DNA found and what is recorded, to find who it belongs to.

Common Fibres

  • Black Fibre: Black Gloves, Combat Gloves; either used by the Station's own Security or the well-equipped hostile commandos aboard the station.
  • White Fibre: Medical Gloves, often used by Doctors aboard the station or occasionally found in Epistemics
  • Yellow Fibres: Insulated Gloves, or their budget version; found in the maintenance tunnels across the station or in Engineering
  • Brown Fibres: An optional accessory from the Logistics Department
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