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Syndicate Items

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To help them achieve their objectives, some antagonists including traitors and nuclear operatives have access to an uplink from which they can purchase all sorts of illegal goodies from The Syndicate. Some items are only available when playing certain jobs. The shop interface is divided into categories.

This is a hopefully comprehensive list of all the items Traitors and Nuclear Operatives can obtain through their uplink by paying Telecrystals.

Syndicate Items

This section contains all the items a Traitor can buy, with items available to nuclear operatives marked by a green "Yes" in the "Ops?" column.


Traitors have their PDA as uplink, which is unlockable using the code received at roundstart in the ringtone program.

For more in depth information about the weapons, refer to the weapons list.


Ops? Icon Item Cost Description
Yes Viper 3 A small, easily concealable, but somewhat underpowered gun. Retrofitted with a fully automatic receiver. Uses pistol magazines (.35 auto).
Yes Python 8 A brutally simple, effective, and loud Syndicate revolver. Comes loaded with armor-piercing rounds. Uses .45 magnum.
Yes Cobra 4 A rugged, robust operator handgun with inbuilt silencer. Uses pistol magazines (.25 caseless).
Yes Surplus Rifle 1 A bolt action service rifle that has seen many wars. Not modern by any standard, hand loaded, and terrible recoil, but it is cheap.
Yes Energy Sword 8 A very dangerous energy sword. Can be stored in pockets when turned off. Makes a lot of noise when used or turned on. You have a decent chance of reflecting projectiles with it when turned on. For best results, combine it with a way to stun, slow, or otherwise disable your targets; remember that if it's knocked out of your hands, you can very easily be on the receiving end.
Yes Energy Dagger 2 A small energy blade conveniently disguised in the form of a pen. It's better than most improvised weapons, very cheap, and easily concealable, especially in your PDA. A nice fallback in case your injured target manages to disarm you of your primary weapon.
Yes Throwing Knives Kit 6 A set of 4 syndicate branded throwing knives, perfect for embedding into the body of your victims.
Yes Gloves of the North Star 8 A pair of gloves that reduce your punching cooldown drastically, allowing you to beat people to death in a flurry of punches. ATATATATATA.
Yes Disposable Ballistic Turret 6 Looks and functions like a normal electrical toolbox. Upon hitting the toolbox it will transform into a ballistic turret, theoretically shooting at anyone except members of the syndicate. Can be turned back into a toolbox using a screwdriver and repaired using a wrench.
Yes Energy Shield 8 (Nuclear Operative only)
Exotic energy shield that reflects almost all laser beams, as well as a little protection from bullets and other physical attacks.
Yes Sniper Bundle 12 An inconspicuous briefcase that contains a Hristov, 10 spare bullets and a convenient disguise.
Yes C-20r Bundle 17 Old faithful: The classic C-20r Submachine Gun, bundled with three magazines.
Yes Bulldog Bundle 20 Lean and mean: Contains the popular Bulldog Shotgun, a 12g beanbag drum and three 12g buckshot drums.
Yes China-Lake Bundle 25 An old China-Lake grenade launcher bundled with 11 rounds of various destruction capability.
Yes L6 Saw Bundle 30 More dakka: The iconic L6 light machine gun, bundled with 2 box magazines.
Yes Kanabou 10 (Oni only)
A weapon for those who wish to forgo subtlety. Particularly suited to Oni.


Ops? Icon Item Cost Description
Yes Explosive Grenade 4 A simplistic grenade with a three-and-a-half-second long fuse that is geared towards injuring personnel. Causes minimal hull damage.
Yes Flashbang 1 A standard-issue flashbang, capable of blinding and slowing down anyone without proper protection. This, of course, includes you; make sure you're properly equipped before using it.
Yes Minibomb 6 A low-yield, high-impact precision sabotage explosive with a five-second long fuse. Perfect for quickly destroying a machine, dead body, or whatever else needs to go.
Yes Supermatter Grenade 6 Grenade that simulates delamination of a suppermatter engine, generates powerful gravity well. Explosion comparable to a Mini Bomb.
Yes Whitehole Grenade 3 Grenade that repulses everything around for about 10 seconds. Very useful in small rooms and for chasing someone.
Yes Cluster Grenade 8 Three explosive grenades bundled together, the grenades get launched after the 3.5 second timer runs out.
Yes Incendiary Grenade 4 Releases a spray of incendiary fragments, igniting anyone near the detonation area.
Yes Shrapnel Grenade 4 Launches a spray of sharp fragments dealing great damage against unarmored targets.
Yes Smoke Grenade 1 A grenade that releases a huge cloud of smoke, perfect for killing someone in the shadows or making a sneaky getaway.
Yes Grenade Penguin 5 A small, highly-aggressive penguin with a grenade strapped around its neck. Harvested by the Syndicate from icy shit-hole planets.
Yes C-4 2 This stick of explosives can detonate and destroy almost anything it is placed on, after any chosen amount of seconds (the shortest being 10). Use it in hand to set the timer, then use it on what you want to attach it to; it takes 3 seconds to set up, and requires you to be un-interrupted. You can also attach a signaler to remotely detonate at will, among other things. Can also be used as a pseudo grenade by activating it in your hand and throwing it.
Yes Grenadier Chest Rig 12 (Nuclear Operative only)
All you need for a loud party: 4 explosive grenades, 2 EMP grenades and 2 minibombs in a chest rig. 34 TC worth of grenades for only a third of the price.
Yes Syndicate C-4 Bundle 12 A large red and black dufflebag that contains 8 C-4 explosives. It's cheaper to buy in bulk than individually if you know you'll need a lot of C4, and can handle toting the bag around.
Yes EMP Grenade 2 A grenade designed to disrupt electronic systems. Useful for disrupting communications, security's energy weapons, and APCs when you're in a tight spot.
Yes Exploding Pen 4 A class IV explosive device contained within a standard pen. Comes with a 4 second fuse. This is mostly meant to trick people trying to check if the pen is a, energy dagger.
Yes Syndicate Bomb 11 A big, anchored bomb that can create a huge explosion if not defused in time. Useful as a distraction. Has an adjustable timer with a minimum setting of 120 seconds.
Yes Electrical Disruptor Kit 6 The ultimate reversal on energy-based weaponry: Disables disablers, stuns stunbatons, discharges laser guns! Contains 3 EMP grenades and an EMP implanter. Note: Does not disrupt actual firearms.


Ops? Icon Item Cost Description
Yes Pistol Magazine (.35 auto) 1 Pistol magazine with 10 catridges. Compatible with the Viper.
Yes SMG magazine (.35 auto) 2 Rifle magazine with 30 catridges. Compatible with C-20r.
Yes Pistol Magazine (.25 caseless) 1 Pistol magazine with 10 catridges. Compatible with the Cobra.
Yes Speedloader (.45 magnum) 3 Revolver speedloader with 6 armor-piercing catridges, capable of ignoring armor entirely. Compatible with the Python.
Yes Ammunition box (.30 rifle) 1 A box of 50 cartridges for the surplus rifle.
Yes Ammunition box (.60 antimateriel) 2 A box of 10 cartridges for the Hristov sniper rifle.
Yes Ammo Bundle 15 (Nuclear Operative only)
Reloading! Contains 4 magazines for the C-20r, 4 drums for the Bulldog, and 2 ammo boxes for the L6 SAW.


Ops? Icon Item Cost Description
Yes Hypopen 6 A chemical hypospray disguised as a pen, capable of instantly injecting up to 10u of reagents. Fits into your PDA. Starts empty.
Yes Hypodart 2 A seemingly unremarkable dart with an enlarged reservoir for chemicals. It can store up to 7u reagents in itself, and instantly inject when it hits the target. Starts empty.
Yes Chemical Synthesis Kit 4 A starter kit for the aspiring chemist, includes toxin and vestine for all your criminal needs! Contains 2 beakers, a dropper, chemical glasses, 2 vestine vial, 1 empty vial and a syringe with stimulants.
Yes Syndicate Zombie Bundle 40 (Nuclear Operative only)
An all-in-one kit for unleashing the undead upon a station.
Yes Nocturine Bottle 6 A 30u bottle filled with Nocturine, a chemical that makes it very hard for your target to stand up.
Yes Combat Medical Kit 5 A medkit made for fixing combat injuries.
Yes Combat Medipen 4 A single-use medipen containing chemicals that regenerate most types of damage.
Yes Stimpack 4 Injecting yourself with this will increase your run speed and let you recover from stuns faster for 2 minutes.
Yes Stimkit 12 A medkit containing 6 stimulant microinjectors, which each inject you with enough stimulants to last for fifteen seconds.
Yes Syndicate Smokes Packet 2 A pack of 6 cigarettes infused with omnizine, which will heal you upon smoking them.
Yes Medical Bundle 20 (Nuclear Operative only)
All you need to get your comrades back in the fight: mainly a combat medkit, a defibrillator and three combat medipens.


Ops? Icon Item Cost Description
Yes Agent ID Card 3 A passenger ID card that can copy accesses from other cards and change its name and job title at-will. Using it will prompt you to set a name and job assignment. It starts with maintenance access and can be upgraded at an ID computer or by simply swiping other cards with it. You can also change how it looks like to match your newly acquired job.
Yes Stealth Box 5 A box outfitted with stealth technology, sneak around with this and don't move too fast now!
Yes Syndicate Encryption Keys 2 Two encryption keys for access to the secret frequency of our special agents, on-station or off-station. Give the spare to a friend, but make sure it doesn't fall into enemy hands.
Yes Binary Translator Key 1 Lets you tap into the silicons' binary channel. Don't talk on it though, at least not without a voice mask.
Yes Cybersun Pen 1 A cybersun pen is an all-in-one pen, melee weapon, pickaxe, screwdriver and fountain pen competition.
Yes Fake Nuclear Disk 1 A fake nuclear disk. It has the same look and description as the real nuclear disk. Can only be identified by the nuke, appraising it or the pinpointer not pointing at it.
Yes Extra-Bright Lantern 2 It can be used to blind people like a flash. Has 15 uses.
Yes Lobbying Bundle 4 A heartfelt gift that can help you sway someone's opinion. Contains 5000 spesos. Real or counterfeit? Yes. Finally have the money to pay for a good Lawyer.
Yes Decoy Kit 6 State-of-the-art distraction technology straight from RND. Comes with five realistic balloons, four decoy grenades, and some snap poppers!
Yes Decoy Syndicate Bomb 4 A training bomb carefully made to look just like the real thing. In all ways similar to a syndicate bomb, but only creates a tiny explosion.
Yes Chameleon Projector 7 Holoparasite technology used to create a hard-light replica of any object around you. Disguise is destroyed when picked up or deactivated.


Ops? Icon Item Cost Description
Yes Emag 8 This sophisticated piece of equipment allows you to quite literally open anything: lockers, crates, doors (so long as they aren't welded shut) and other things. It can bolt open doors or grant dispensers extra options. Holds 3 charges that recharges over time.

However, the affected machinery will, almost always, be broken permanently and while this can have the desired effect, it also leaves a trail for people to follow (mostly doors). Emagging something is also fairly noticeable, so you should make sure nobody's watching.

Yes Radio Jammer 4 This device will disrupt any nearby outgoing radio communication when activated.
Yes Weapon Cyborg Module 5 This module will give a cyborg advanced laser and machete
Yes Syndicate Soap 1 An untrustworthy bar of soap. Smells of fear. A bar of soap with a high launching distance and a long stun duration.
Yes Slipocalypse Clustersoap 3 Scatters arounds small pieces of syndicate-brand soap after being thrown, these pieces of soap evaporate after 60 seconds.
Yes Suspicious Toolbox 2 A full compliment of tools for the mechanically inclined traitor. Includes a pair of insulated combat gloves, syndicate gas mask and a utility belt.
Yes Syndicate Jaws of Life 2 A combined prying and cutting tool. Useful for entering the station or its departments.
Yes Syndicate Surgical Duffel Bag 4 A large duffel bag containing a full set of advanced surgical tools. Surgery just a week away.
Yes Power Sink 8 Drains immense amounts of electricity from the grid. Use wrench to connect it to wires. Requires an HV wire to attach to. Explodes after a long while of sucking up power.
No Surplus Crate 20 Contains 50 telecrystals worth of completely random Syndicate items. It can be useless junk or really good.
No Super Surplus Crate 40 Contains 125 telecrystals worth of completely random Syndicate items.
Yes Singularity Beacon 12 A device that attracts singularities. Has to be anchored and powered. Causes singularities to grow when consumed.
Yes Martyr Cyborg Module 4 A module that comes with an explosive you probably don't want to handle yourself.


Ops? Icon Item Cost Description
No Storage Implanter 8 Hide goodies inside of yourself with new bluespace technology!
Yes Freedom Implanter 5 Get away from those nasty sec officers with this three use implant!
Yes Scram Implanter 6 A 2-use implant which teleports you within a large radius. Attempts to teleport you onto an unobstructed tile. May sometimes fail to do so. Life insurance not included.
No DNA Scrambler Implanter 5 A single use implant that can be activated to modify your DNA and give you a completely new look, also has the function of undoing the change. Unable to scramble already scrambled DNA.
Yes EMP Implanter 2 Detonates a small EMP pulse on activation that drains nearby electronics of their power, can be used three times before the internal battery runs out.
Yes Micro Bomb Implanter 2 (Nuclear Operative only)
Explode on death or manual activation with this implant. Destroys the body with all equipment.
Yes Macro Bomb Implanter 13 (Nuclear Operative only)
Inject this and on death you'll create a large explosion. Huge team casualty cost, use at own risk. Replaces internal micro bomb.
Yes Death Acidifier Implant 4 Completely melts the user and their equipment on use or death.
No Uplink Implanter 2 Stealthily order equipment without the need for a PDA. Swallow telecrystals to top up the uplink.
Yes Box of Deathrattle Implants 4 (Nuclear Operative only)
A box containing enough deathrattle implants for the whole squad. Relays a message containing your position to the syndicate channel when you go into a critical state or die.
Yes Bionic Syrinx Implanter 2 (Harpy only)
An implant that enhances a harpy's natural talent for mimicry to let you adjust your voice to whoever you can think of.


Ops? Icon Item Cost Description
Yes Reinforcement Teleporter 16 An item that, upon activation, creates a ghost role of a budget syndicate agent; they have a knife, a viper, a pin pointer, a death acidifier implant and looks like an operative. If you are buying this as a nuclear operative, you probably need to spend some more money to gear them up.
Yes Syndicate Assault Cyborg Teleporter 65 (Nuclear Operative only)
A lean, mean killing machine with access to an Energy Sword, LMG, Cryptographic Sequencer, and a Pinpointer.
Yes Genetic Ancestor Reinforcement Teleporter 8 Call in a trained monkey to assist you. Comes with a single syndicate cigarette.
No Dehydrated Space Carp 2 Looks like a plush toy carp, just add water and it becomes a real-life space carp!
Yes SyndiCat 6 (Nuclear Operative only)
A hand cat equipped with a microbomb implant. Explodes when seriously injured. Can bite painfully.
Yes Syndicate Personal AI device 1 A Syndicate variant of the pAI with access to the Syndicate radio channel. We do not guarantee their usefulness. Limited to one.
Yes Mouse Operative Reinforcement Teleporter 3 Calls in a specially trained mouse operative to assist you.


Ops? Icon Item Cost Description
Yes Black Jetpack 2 A black jetpack. It allows you to fly around in space. Refills not included, use your fuel wisely.
Yes Voice Mask 2 A gas mask that lets you adjust your voice to whoever you can think of. Also utilizes cutting-edge chameleon technology. Works very well with the agent ID.
Yes Syndicate Shoulder Holster 1 A deep shoulder holster capable of holding many types of ballistics, has 60 storage units.
Yes Chest Rig 1 Explosion-resistant tactical webbing used for holding traitor goods.
Yes Chameleon Kit 4 A backpack full of items that contain chameleon technology allowing you to disguise as pretty much anything on the station, and more! Interact with each pieces of clothing to change each pieces. The mask is a voice mask, which allows you to change your voice identity (great in combination with the Agent ID!). Extremely useful for infiltration.
Yes No-Slip Shoes 2 These protect you from slips while looking like your average normal shoes. You have the ability to change their look to any kind of shoes.
Yes Thieving Gloves 4 Discretely steal from pockets and increase your thieving technique with these fancy new gloves, all while looking like normal gloves! This prevents people from seeing the strip doafter and you can strip/steal from people quicker.
Yes Web Vest 3 A synthetic armor vest. Looks almost like a kevlar vest but protects you more, and has 10u of item storage.
Yes Blood-Red Magboots 4 A pair of Syndicate brand magboots. Allows you to walk with gravity in places without gravity.
Yes Syndicate EVA Bundle 2 A bundle containing the Syndicate EVA suit. To be used in emergency at it paints you as a Syndicate while not really helping you much.
Yes Syndicate Hardsuit 8 The Syndicate's well known armored blood red hardsuit, capable of space walks and bullet resistant.
Yes Syndicate Elite Hardsuit 10 An elite version of the blood-red hardsuit, with improved mobility and fireproofing. Property of Gorlex Marauders.
Yes Cybersun Juggernaut Suit 12 Hyper resilient armor made of materials tested in the Tau chromosphere facility. The only thing that's going to be slowing you down is this suit... and tasers.
Yes Syndicate Visor 2 (Nuclear Operative only)
The syndicate's professional head-up display, designed for better detection of humanoids and their subsequent elimination.
Yes Conducting Gloves 2 Looks exactly like insulated gloves, but shocks you far worse than if you had nothing at all! Best given as a gift to passengers you really don't like.
Yes Syndicate backpack 2 Lightweight explosion-proof а backpack for holding various traitor goods
Yes Syndicate Samurai Crate 6 (Oni only)
Contains a modern replica of a full Tousei-Gusoku set.


No item available for nuclear operatives, they do it for free don't have jobs!

Role Icon Item Cost Description

Packet of Gatfruit Seeds 6 A packet of seeds that grow into Gatfruit, said Gatfruit just so happens to have a .45 magnum "Predator" inside of it.

Rigged Boxing Gloves 6 Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Pretend to have a friendly spar and then beat the hell out of someone.

Rigged Boxing Gloves 4 Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Pretend to have a friendly spar and then beat the hell out of someone.

Necronomicon 4 An unholy book capable of summoning a demonic familiar.
Holy Hand Grenade 20 O Lord, bless this thy hand grenade, that with it thou mayst blow thine enemies to tiny bits, in thy mercy.


Fake Cap Gun 9 Fool your enemy! It can use both cap and magnum bullets. Comes loaded with magnum bullets.

Explosive Banana Peel 2 A normal looking banana peel that explode when someone slips on it.
Cluster Banana 6 Splits into 6 explosive banana peels after being thrown, the peels detonate automatically after 20 seconds if nobody slips on them.
Holoclown Kit 12 A joint venture between Cybersun and Contains an injector that hosts a sentient metaphysical clown made of hard light which resides in the user's body when not active. The holoclown has pockets to store things, a hardlight hand it can manipulate the environment with and is immune to hazardous environments while being resistant to direct trauma, but shares any damage it takes with the user.




Hot Potato 4 Once activated, this time bomb can't be dropped - only passed to someone else!

C.H.I.M.P. Handcannon Upgrade Chip 4 Insert this chip into a standard C.H.I.M.P. handcannon to allow it to fire omega particles. Omega particles inflict severe burns and cause anomalies to go supercritical.

Proximity Mine 5 A mine disguised as a wet floor sign.



Syndicate Sponge Box 7 A box containing 6 syndicate sponges disguised as monkey cubes, these cubes turn into a variety of angry wildlife after coming into contact with water.

Rickenbacker 4001 10
When it comes down to it, there are very few people who will swing the bat.

Cane Blade 5 A cane that has a hidden blade that can be unsheathed.


Ops? Icon Item Cost Description
Yes Barber Scissors 1 A good tool to give your fellow agent a nice haircut, unless you want to give it to yourself.
Yes Syndicate Snack Box 1 A box of delicious snacks and drinks to eat alone or with your team. Includes 1 toy you didn't want.
Yes Cap Gun 4 Looks almost like the real thing! Ages 8 and up.
Yes Syndicate Rubber Stamp 2 You ever wanted to show off the Syndicate logo? Well now you can!
Yes Outlaw's Hat 1 A hat that makes you look like you carry a notched pistol, numbered one and nineteen more.
Yes Outlaw's Glasses 1 A must for every self-respecting undercover agent.
Yes Syndicate Pyjama Duffel Bag 4 Contains 3 pairs of syndicate pyjamas and 3 plushies for the ultimate sleepover.
Yes Clown Costume Duffel Bag 2 Contains a complete Clown outfit. Includes PDA and service radio.
Yes Operative Jumpsuit 1 A suit given to our nuclear operatives with fine fabric to make sure you stand out, no other benefits aside from looking cool.
Yes Operative Jumpskirt 1 A skirt given to our nuclear operatives with fine fabric to make sure you stand out, no other benefits aside from looking cool.
Yes Syndie Balloon 20 Handed out to the bravest souls who survived the "atomic twister" ride at Syndieland.
Yes Striped Syndicate Red Scarf 1 A stylish striped syndicate red scarf. The perfect winter accessory for those with a keen fashion sense, and those who are in the mood to steal something.
Yes Striped Syndicate Green Scarf 1 A stylish striped syndicate green scarf. The perfect winter accessory for those with a keen fashion sense, and those who are in the mood to steal something.

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