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Writing is performed by using a pen on paper. The exemples are just exemples replicated using wiki code, it will look different in game.

You type You get
[head=1]Very Big Text[/head]
Very Big Text
[head=2]Big Text[/head]
Big Text
[head=3]Large Text[/head]
Large Text
[bold]Bold Text.[/bold]
Bold Text.
[italic]Italic Text.[/italic]
Italic Text.
[bolditalic]Bold and Italic Text.[/bolditalic]
Bold and Italic Text.
[color=red]Red text.[/color]
Red text.
[color=#9946b8]Custom coloured text.[/color]
Custom coloured text.
[bullet/]Bullet point
  • Bullet point

Forms Ready for Use

Job Change Request

Paper Markdown:
|                      JOB CHANGE REQUEST FORM                   |

Requested By:

Current Department:

Current Job:

Desired Department:

Desired Job:

Reason for Job Change:

|                        REQUEST APPROVAL                         |

Approved By:

Additional Comments:

|                          CONFIRMATION                            |

Processed By:


Search Warrant

Paper Markdown:
|                      SEARCH AND SEIZURE WARRANT                  |

To: Any Authorized Security Officer

An Application by a Security Officer requests the search of the
following person or property: 

I find that the evidence provided establish probable cause to
search and seize the person or property described above, and 
that such a search will reveal (describe expected contraband):

[bold]YOU ARE COMMANDED[/bold] to execute this warrant by the 
end of this shift.

The officer executing this warrant, or an officer present during the 
execution of the warrant, must prepare an inventory of seized items
as required by law.

Time issued:
Judge's Signature:
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