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This page needs revising!
This page contains information that is either out-of-date or from a different source (e.g. Upstream SS14). Some information on this page may differ from how it actually works on Delta-V.
Reason for revision: "Really needs a freshen up"


General Advice

  • Be Concise: People don't always want to read huge paragraphs of text especially in-game.
  • Be Consistent: It's helpful to have a consistent style, it can make your documents look more professional.
  • Don't Create Hard Questions: If you are creating a form for roleplay, only request information that matters if at all possible. Asking for things like the date, or an employee ID # can cause holdups and disagreements.
  • Be reasonable: Nice looking forms/documents are really cool, but you can't hold cool paper over roleplay, so please don't cause unnecessary barriers just for the sake of bureaucracy. It's not always cute.
  • Take Feedback/Criticism: The best way you can improve what you make is to make use of the thinking of others. This applies everywhere, not just in document prep, but still some people need to be reminded of it.

Specific Tips for In-Game Formatting

  • Refer to the "writing" section of the guidebook for the formatting tags.
  • Headers may encroach upon lines above them, it is good to keep this in mind.
  • Any time brackets appear like this "[ ]" the game will treat it as a formatting command even if it is empty. All brackets can be escaped using "\", for instance allowing you to write "\[bold]" on the page.
  • Stamping a page will make it un-editable except for with a cybersun pen.
  • Certain non-ASCII characters can be used on paper. Characters from the Windows Glyph List 4 have been tested to be working, with other unicode characters your mileage may vary as these have occasionally been known to break formatting and even line breaks. That said, these all work: © ® § ™ № Ω ← ↑ → ↓ ↔ ↕ ≠ ♪ ♫ ☻ ☺
  • If you are trying to make a document/form that is similar to something that exists in real life, try looking up some reference for you to blatantly stea-- I mean, loosely copy off of!
  • On long documents, when the scrollbar appears you loose a line of width from it. This can cause things to shift down the page or for horizontal lines to become broken. If your page contains elements that go from one side to the other such as a horizontal line, you should make sure they are short enough that the scrollbar does not break them!

Department Colors

The following colors are grabbed from the job icons, and therefore are the colors that appear on the manifest. (except for CentCom as CC officials simply get the NanoTrasen job icon and there is no CentCom one. For the CentCom color I simply grabbed the color of their uniform.)

  • cb0000 Security
  • c96dbf Science
  • 5b97bc Medical
  • b18644 Cargo
  • f39f27 Engineering
  • ff2fff Clown
  • 9fed58 Service
  • 6e6e6e Passenger
  • 1b67a5 Command
  • 009100 CentCom
  • 134975 NanoTrasen
  • ff0000 Syndicate

If you are a department head, or writing something to represent your department, it would be a good idea to use your respective color! (unless it's really gaudy or something)


Writing is performed by using a pen on paper. The exemples are just exemples replicated using wiki code, it will look different in game.

You type You get
[head=1]Very Big Text[/head]
Very Big Text
[head=2]Big Text[/head]
Big Text
[head=3]Large Text[/head]
Large Text
[bold]Bold Text.[/bold]
Bold Text.
[italic]Italic Text.[/italic]
Italic Text.
[bolditalic]Bold and Italic Text.[/bolditalic]
Bold and Italic Text.
[color=red]Red text.[/color]
Red text.
[color=#9946b8]Custom coloured text.[/color]
Custom coloured text.
[bullet/]Bullet point
  • Bullet point

Forms Ready for Use

Job Change Request

Paper Markdown:
|                      JOB CHANGE REQUEST FORM                   |

Requested By:

Current Department:

Current Job:

Desired Department:

Desired Job:

Reason for Job Change:

|                        REQUEST APPROVAL                         |

Approved By:

Additional Comments:

|                          CONFIRMATION                            |

Processed By:


Search Warrant

Paper Markdown:
|                      SEARCH AND SEIZURE WARRANT                  |

To: Any Authorized Security Officer

An Application by a Security Officer requests the search of the
following person or property: 

I find that the evidence provided establish probable cause to
search and seize the person or property described above, and 
that such a search will reveal (describe expected contraband):

[bold]YOU ARE COMMANDED[/bold] to execute this warrant by the 
end of this shift.

The officer executing this warrant, or an officer present during the 
execution of the warrant, must prepare an inventory of seized items
as required by law.

Time issued:
Judge's Signature:
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