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This page needs revising!
This page contains information that is either out-of-date or from a different source (e.g. Upstream SS14). Some information on this page may differ from how it actually works on Delta-V.
Reason for revision: "Largely the robotics system of SS14 has not been extensively developed upon as of writing this page. Furthermore, this page derives quite a bit of its content from the upstream wiki's page on the same subject matter."

Are you a Roboticist? This guide will explain the creation and maintenance of Cyborgs, bots, MODsuits, and stocky Exosuits.

Robotics lab on Edge Station

Exosuit Fabricator

These are the main machines used in Robotics, with them you can create various cyborg parts and their upgrade modules. Remember to sync these with the R&D servers frequently for new equipment designs and increased production speeds.


The Cyborg is the Roboticist's primary creation. They are tasked with helping the station's inhabitants in their daily life. Each cyborg is required to follow their AI's laws.

To be able to create a cyborg from scratch you'll need 45 x steel and 9 x glass to create the cyborg parts.
Then you will need the following items in this order:

1 x cyborg endoskeleton
1 x of each Cyborg part
1 x power cell (preferably High-Capacity)
1 x LV Cable
2 x flashes
1 x MMI OR positronic brain

Cyborgs can only be of one model so pick which kind you want first.

Buildable Models
Model Model Type
Syndicate Models
Model Model Type
Syndicate Assault
Syndicate Medical
Syndicate Saboteur

Cyborg Maintenance

In it's current form maintenance is relatively easy.

Cyborg Repairs

If the cyborg is damaged, all you have to do is use a welder to fix the damage.

A cyborg that has failed but not been turned into scrap can be repaired back to working order. All you need to do is repair it and use a defibrillator to reset its circuits

Cyborg Batteries

You will often see a Cyborg come to your assembly line to ask for an upgrade. To change the battery:

  1. Open the maintenance panel using a screwdriver.
  2. Remove the old battery by pressing the REMOVE button next to the battery charge.
  3. Insert a new power cell.
  4. Close the maintenance panel using a screwdriver.

Cyborg Modules

Roboticists can create a bunch of modules that allows for a cyborg to do various work. The ability to insert a module depends on the model of cyborg, however generic modules are available for all models. Cyborgs are limited to a total of 3 modules, except the Generic module which gets 5 modules, so make sure you give them what you want or what they need.

Name Tools/Function Model
cable cyborg module LV cable holder, MV cable holder, HV cable holder, wirecutter and t-ray scanner. A very power fixing oriented module.
fire extinguisher cyborg module fire extinguiser. Useful to deal with fire.
GPS cyborg module GPS and station map. Two useful tool to find lost or dead crew members in the station.
radiation detection cyborg module geiger counter. Module mainly just to detect and measure radiation levels.
tool cyborg module crowbar, wrench, screwdriver, wirecutter, multitool and welder. The bread and butter of any cyborgs.
appraisal cyborg module appraisal tool. Useful in figuring what is worth selling or not.
mining cyborg module mining drill, shovel, ore bag, crowbar and handheld radio. Probably the most useful module for a mining cyborg.
grappling gun cyborg module grappling gun, crusher dagger and gps.
advanced tool cyborg module omnitool, experimental welder, network configurator, remote signaller, gas analyzer and geiger counter.
construction cyborg module steel holder, glass holder, metal rod holder and steel floor tile holder.
RCD cyborg module experimental RCD that passively regenerates charges.
light replacer cyborg module light replacer, crowbar and screwdriver.
cleaning cyborg module mop, bucket and trash bag.
advanced cleaning cyborg module advanced mop, janitorial holographic sign projector, spray bottle of space cleaner and borg dropper.
diagnosis cyborg module health analyzer and stethoscope.
treatment cyborg module bruise pack holder, ointment holder, gauze holder, bloodpack holder, syringe and borg dropper.
defibrillator cyborg module defibrillator. People will probably thank you for being a moving defibrillator unit
advanced treatment cyborg module 2 small beakers, borg dropper and borg hypospray that holds 10u.
artifact cyborg module node scanner.
anomaly cyborg module anomaly scanner, anomaly locator, remote signaller and multitool.
service cyborg module pen, books bag, hand labeler, lighter, shaker and borg dropper.
musique cyborg module synthesizer, electric guitar and saxophone.
gardening cyborg module mini hoe, spade, plant clippers and bucket.
harvesting cyborg module scythe, hatchet and plant bag.
clowning cyborg module bike horn, clown recorder and gilded bike horn.
weapon cyborg module advanced laser pistol and machete.
operative cyborg module crowbar, emag and syndicate pinpointer.
energy sword cyborg module double bladed energy sword and syndicate pinpointer.
L6C ROW cyborg module L6C and syndicate pinpointer.
martyr cyborg module Self Destruct


Lil' automatons who can help in equally small ways.

Image Name Description
Medibot For when the real doctors are too busy getting high on space drugs. Will inject injured creatures, giving basic healing.
Cleanbot This bot wanders around the station, mopping up any puddles it sees.
Honkbot The brainchild of Science and the Clown. This bot honks and slips people.
Jonkbot This cursed bot honks, laughs and slips people.
Mimebot Even more nonverbal than the average robot.


Mechs are powerful devices that, unlike other robots, require a pilot to function. They generally have increased carrying capacity and strength. This also lets them pack a punch in combat. However, mechs require a massive quantity of resources and time to build, making them a long-term goal rather than a quick solution to a threat.

Mechs are available to build after the associated technology has been researched. To build them, first use the Exosuit Fabricator to build all parts associated with the desired mech. Attach the arms and legs to the chassis, then examine the mech to determine the next steps. Mechs will require some combination of steel, LV wire, and control modules, as well as the use of multiple different tools. A mechanic's toolbox will have just about every tool you'll need.

Types of Mechs
Image Name Description
Ripley APLU The classic and most frequently-built mech. Equipped with hydraulic clamps, this bad boy can lift, load, carry, and punch anything and everyone.
H.O.N.K. An overwhelmingly powerful tool of mass pranking. Builder be warned.
HAMTR A smaller mech meant for your furry lil' hampster friend.
VIM A smaller mech for animals. Put a mouse inside, it's funny.

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