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The gases are the most important part of Atmospherics. There are currently 9 gases in the game, each of them has its own Specific Heat Capacity and Molar Mass. The standard air mix on the station is 21% oxygen and 79% nitrogen at 101.325kPa and 20°C or 293.15K. Most of them can be created using Gas Miners or created in combustion reactions.


Gases in SS14
Gas Description Specific Heat Capacity Molar Mass (g/mol)
Colorless, reactive gas that humans need to breathe to stay alive. Key oxidizing agent in most combustion reactions. 20 32
Colorless, odorless, inert gas. Somehow, slimes and voxes breathe this. 30 28
Carbon Dioxide
Colorless, odorless, relatively inert gas. Exhaled by creatures that breathe oxygen. Toxic in high enough quantities. The reason why atmospheric technicians are employed. 30 44
Purple, putrid, highly-combustible, and toxic gas. Combusts in the presence of oxygen, but will not ignite on its own. Unfortunately, it is also vitally important to industrial and scientific activities aboard Nanotrasen stations. 200 120
Green, highly-combustible, and radioactive. Combusts in the presence of oxygen. It is formed by the combustion of Oxygen and Plasma. To form Tritium, there must be 96 times more Oxygen than Plasma during the reaction. If there is too much Plasma, the reaction will produce Carbon Dioxide instead. 10 6
Water Vapor
Water in gaseous form. Due to the unique environment of space, does not condense into liquid water. Harmful to slime people. 40 18
Ammonia Brownish, foul-smelling gas. Breeds disease, toxic, and harmful in sufficiently large concentrations. A by-product of nasty biological processes, including rotting bodies. 20 44
Nitrous Oxide Bluish gas. Otherwise known as "laughing" or "sleepy" gas, it acts as a sedative to non-slimes and is toxic in very high concentrations. Unfortunately, this stuff is exhaled by slimes. Formed from Frezon and Nitrogen 40 44
Frezon Blue-greenish gas. Used as an industrial coolant. Used recreationally by some for its euphoric effects, before their lungs freeze out. It has a high value and is made by mixing cold Tritium and Oxygen. 600 50

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