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Glimmer is a measurement of the average noöspheric pressure, measured in Psi Ψ. The noösphere can be considered analogous to an atmosphere. In a localized area, everything will equalize towards a certain pressure that's based off of the total energy in the system. Unlike atmospheres, area of noöspheric pressure do not operate by physical contiguousness, but mental. This means that areas with intertwined destinies will experience the same latent glimmer regardless of physical separation.

Glimmer is increased by psychic activity. The biggest sources are glimmer probers, followed by use of psychic powers. There are many other smaller sources of glimmer.

Tracking Levels

The sophic scribe, also known as Sophia, tracks glimmer for the crew. All that is required by the crew wishing to know the current level of glimmer, is to interact with it.
The current glimmer levels also gets displayed periodically on the radio.

This allow anyone to keep track on the current status of the glimmer levels and to avoid being blind to the potential risks.


Glimmer will occasionally discharge if it's above 100Ψ, causing a wide range of effects based on how high it is. The most common is giving all entities with psionic potential have a small seizure, which is something most people working on stations with an Epistemics department have grown used to.

At above 500Ψ, the base energy is so high that probers no longer need to draw electrical power and cannot be shut off.

Managing Glimmer

Exploring the noösphere is not without risks however. As probers do their mysterious work, the average glimmer level on the station will rise. Crewmembers will develop new and potentially dangerous psionic powers which will only fuel this growth as they are used. If the levels grow too high the probers themselves will begin to spark with latent psionic energy and you may find yourself unable to turn them off as they become self sustaining.


The best friend of Epistemics. They are costly to make and have a noticeable impact on power but they are the go to for reducing glimmer effectively or to counteract the glimmer generation of a Prober.

To create, you will need:

  • 5 plasteel
  • 5 lv cable
  • 1 normality crystals

Normality Crystals

Normality Crystals are quite complicated to create as they require Ash, Blood, Plasma, Water and Ectoplasm

The latter only available from grinding soul crystals or from killing glimmer creatures such as Wisps and Revenants.

If you manage to regroup all those material just mix an equal amount of a multiple of 10 of each. So at minimum you will need the following in a beaker:

  • 5 units of Ash
  • 5 units of Blood
  • 5 units of Plasma
  • 5 units of Water
  • 5 units of Ectoplasm

Then you put in a Microwave or on a Hotplate until it reaches 400 degrees. When it finally reacts, it will create 1 Normality Crystal and reduce the glimmer by a small amount.


Probers are useful to generate points passively.

Below 500Ψ, probers can simply be turned off. Glimmer will naturally decay from there. With late game technology, Drainers can be built that reduce glimmer at the same rate that probes add it.

When glimmer reaches above 500Ψ, the base energy is so high that probers no longer need to draw electrical power and cannot be shut off. Physically destroying the probers is the best option to avoid a snowball effect.

The crystal, and tube, of the prober can be used to roughly gauge the level of glimmer. The prettier it gets, the higher the glimmer is:

  • When the prober is disabled or when glimmer is below 50Ψ, the crystal remains darkened at all times.
  • Between 50Ψ and 99Ψ, the tube will light up slightly every 2.5 seconds.
  • Between 100Ψ and 299Ψ, the crystal will light up slightly every 1.5 seconds.
  • Between 300Ψ and 499Ψ, the crystal will clearly light up every second.
  • Between 500Ψ and 899Ψ, the crystal will be constantly lit up with lightning bolts dancing across it.
  • Above 900Ψ, the crystal gets even brighter while blinking rapidly with stronger lightning bolts.

To create, you will need:

  • 5 plasteel
  • 5 lv cable
  • 5 bluespace crystals

Handling Glimmer Emergencies

Probers should always be turned off before glimmer exceeds 500Ψ. Maybe even before to avoid a cheeky psionic from using their power just at the right time and locking the probers.

Depending on how many psychics there are, use of mindbreaker (which, under code white, is unrestricted) will reduce the amount of glimmer produced by people using their psychic abilities.

Sacrificing psychics on the chapel's altar will reduce glimmer by a decent amount in addition to its other effects.

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