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Psionics, or psychics, are entities that have unlocked psionic abilities through various means. These individuals are considered to be a potential hazard to the station. The Epistemics department consisting of; the Mystagogue, Chaplain, Scientists and Psionic Mantis are supposed to keep the psionics in check and if that fails they have a handful of tools for neutralizing harmful psionics.

All psionic entities have a shared telepathic communication channel, accessible by writing an equal sign before your text message. It's anonymized so you'll never know who you are talking to. It could entirely not even be a crew member.

Psionic Abilities

Psionic Abilities are mental abilities that interface with the noösphere. Humanoids have limited access to the noösphere's full potential, allowing some to find ways to command it. This means that humanoids can only have a single ability at a time. They offer various benefits to the user in exchange of generating glimmer every time they are used. They generate from 8Ψ to 12Ψ every time they are used.

When you get lucky enough to unlock a psionic power, excluding starting with one, a popup with appear which allows you to decide to accept it or not. You won't know what you got until you accept it. Be careful to read the text before accepting, you technically give your consent to be targeted by certain forces. Accepting the psionic power also raises the glimmer by 1Ψ to 5Ψ.

After unlocking a psionic ability, it will be automatically placed in your action bar. All you have to do to use it is to click on it or press the corresponding action key. Some of them require you to click on a target.

Fair warning that you can only have one psionic ability at a time, excluding special circumstances.

List of Psionic Powers

Here is a list of the currently available psionic powers. The Weight column shows their likeliness to be acquired using normal means explained in the next part. If the weight is 0, it means they aren't accessible by normal means.

Icon Name Weight Description Usage
Dispel 1 Dispel summoned entities such as familiars or forcewalls. Very useful against Wisps, Revenants, the Chaplain evil familiars or even the Mime walls. Can also affect anomalies.
Mass Sleep 0.3 Put targets in a small area to sleep. As a Traitor, it is a very useful tool for various reasons from stealing, knocking down your target in space and leaving them to die or even giving the Revenant a free kill.
Metapsionic Pulse 1 Send a mental pulse through the area to see if there are any psychics nearby. A slightly underwhelming power that allows you to know if there is other psychics nearby. It also tells you when a psychic power is used nearby. Detects Mimes.
Mind Swap 0.15 Swap minds with the target. Either can change back after 20 seconds. A rarer power that gets you 20 seconds in the body of someone else. Useful for traitors trying to get their target to throw their gun and space-proof suit away while in space.
Noospheric Zap 0 Shocks the consciousness of the target and leaves them stunned and stuttering. Used by Wisps. Inaccessible; Wisps do not exist due to not being rebased.
Psionic Invisibility 0.15 Render yourself invisible to any entity that could potentially be psychic. Borgs, animals, and so on are not affected. One of the most powerful powers that can allow you to sneak in places you shouldn't be in, like the Armory. Be careful that people wearing insulated headgear will see you.
Psionic Regeneration 1 Push your natural metabolism to the limit to power your body's regenerative capability. Adds a small dose of Prometheum in the bloodstream that heals a small amount of Burn, Brute, Poison, Caustic, Bloodloss damage and replenishes a bit of blood.
Psychokinesis 0 Bend the fabric of space to instantly move across it. Used by Silver Golems. Inaccessible; Golemancy has not been rebased.
Pyrokinesis 0 Light a flammable target on fire. Used by Ifrits. Inaccessible; Fire got reworked upstream, and this ability became way too overpowered so it has not been added back to Ifrits.
Telegnosis 1 Create a telegnostic projection to remotely observe things. This allows you to look around the station while staying in relative safety. Very useful in finding targets, dead bodies or keeping an eye on Security and the Armory.

Acquiring Powers

Psionics can be acquired in a number of ways. There are a few ways to acquire psionic powers. Some roles can start with them and you can get lucky during glimmer events or by drinking oracle juice. Certain roles have better chances of unlocking psionic powers than others.

At Shift Start

As soon as you start existing in a shift, late join included, you have a basic 7% chance of rolling a psionic power. All Heads of Staff except for the Logistics Officer instead have a 32% chance, while the Chaplain has a 21% chance. This is further increased for late joining players depending on the station's Glimmer.

Additionally, each person is given one complimentary "Reroll" for Psionics, which they can use by consuming certain hallucinogenic drugs. See below for more details.

The two roles that always start with psionic powers are the Mystagogue starting with Dispel and the Psionic Mantis starting with Metapsionic Pulse.

During the Shift

During the shift, a decent amount of ways to unlock psionic abilities offer themselves to you:

  • Noospheric Storm offers the potential of awakening a psionic power, of 3 people maximum, every time they happen.
  • Noospheric Zaps don't directly give you psionics, but if you have previously attempted to roll for psionics using drugs, the seizure will unlock the ability to roll again.
  • Glimmer on its own doesn't give you psionics, instead it increases your chances of rolling for psionics by an amount equal to the current glimmer divided by 1000. For example, if the glimmer was at 300 when you take space drugs, your chances of becoming psychic are increased by 30%.
  • Artifact Pulse that can happen from some artifacts.
  • Lotophagoi Oil sometimes dispensed by The Oracle. It has a chance of giving you psionics equal to your original base chance, plus a bonus chance based on the current glimmer. You need to ingest at least 20 units.
  • Space Drugs is the weaker alternative to Lotophagoi Oil. It has a chance to give you psionics equal to your original base chance, plus a bonus chance based on the current glimmer. You need to ingest at least 15 units.
    Note for the Lotophagoi Oil and Space Drugs, consuming either will use up your reroll attempt. Should it fail to give you psionics, consuming further drugs will not cause an additional roll until you have regained your reroll from a seizure.

Changing your Powers

Since the power you receive from the psychic roll is random, you may receive a power that isn't necessarily useful. While Dispel is nice to have for Epistemics personnel, a security officer would probably prefer a different power for example. If you find that you have an undesirable power, you can request to have your power stripped by the Psionic Mantis. Afterwards, you can try again for another power by any of the usual means.

Special Items

It is also possible to unlock certain psionic abilities without being a psionic yourself or to add another ability on top of your current one if you are.

Icon Name Description Power
Patchwork Gloves These leather gloves are heavily worn, however they have been repaired in several places. Dispel
Strange Spectacles A pair of spectacular and strange spectacles with lenses constructed of an unknown material. Telegnosis
Tattered Bedsheet A tattered bedsheet, It looks like its been through hell and back. Psionic Invisibility
Unsulated Gloves Flimsy synthrubber work gloves styled in a drab yellow color. They are not electrically insulated, and provide no protection against any shocks. Noospheric Zap

Psionic Insulation

Insulative clothing and cryptobiolin will render you immune to psionics, but prevent you from using any you have. This means that you will be able to see floating telegnosis projections and through psionic invisibility.

It is particularly useful if you want to avoid getting mind swapped, zapped by the discharges or just don't want to gain any psionic abilities.

Icon Name Description
Tinfoil Hat The easiest psionic insulation to acquire. It can be found in the ClothesMate, EpiDrobe or even crafted using one steel and your muscles. Its only downside is that it has a high chance of combusting into ashes if the glimmer discharge is too strong.
Insulative Skullcap The better psionic insulation. It doesn't get destroyed by strong discharges but might set you on fire. This one is mostly found in Security.
Insulative Headcage Also found in Security, except it's for the prisoners.
Cryptobiolin Pill Not normally found on the station, but was once found in the hands of Nuclear Operatives. It lasts for a long time but renders the user psionically insulated. Woe is the operative that forgets to eat their pill.

Psionic Removal

There's many reasons and ways, for someone to get rid of their psionic abilities, whenever they want to or not. Removing one's psionic abilities removes their ability to speak on the telepath channel but also stops them from being automatically targeted by anti-psychic forces.

The main reason that many people might want, or be forced to get rid of their abilities, is to reduce the amount of crew members using their psionic abilities to generate glimmer or to stop nefarious individuals using certain powers to sneak into Armory.

Ways to Remove Psionic Powers

Mindbreaker Toxin

Metabolizing 20 units or more of Mindbreaker Toxin will remove psionics from a person. This is mostly used by the Psionic Mantis and Mystagogue during White Alert to prevent people from generating any more glimmer. It can also be used during criminal sentencing.

Soulbreaker Shells

Soulbreaker shells will remove psionics from psychics they hit. They require research and to be printed at a security techfab. Used to exist, is pending a rebase. If you'd like to see this in game again, consider submitting a PR to add it back on the GitHub!


While the act of being sacrificed itself doesn't technically remove your psionic abilities, being placed into a golem forces the powers out of you. As a golem you still get to keep your ability to talk on the telepath channel. Used to exist, is pending a rebase. If you'd like to see this in game again, consider submitting a PR to add it back on the GitHub!


To no surprise, if you die and get a new body from the cloner or metempsychotic machine, you will lose your psionic abilities. But fear not, you can always try your luck again to regain a new ability.

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