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From Delta-V Wiki

Difficulty: Medium
Requirements: 20 hours of playtime, 15 hours in Epistemics
Access: Epistemics, Command, Maintenance, Mystagogue, Psionic Mantis, Chapel, Cryogenics
Extended Access: None
Supervisors: Captain
Subordinates: Scientist, Chaplain, Psionic Mantis, Research Assistant
Duties: Coordinate Research and the Epistemics department. Organize the investigation of Artefacts and Anomalies. Observe Glimmer.
Guides: Alert Procedure, SOP, Company Policy, Research, Xenoarcheology, Anomalous Research, Glimmer, Psionics, Golemancy, The Oracle, Reverse Engineering, Robotics

So you're going to be the caretaker of a bunch of fanatic researchers with access to some of the most dangerous things on the station!

Alongside your department, you are dedicated to discovering the secrets of the Noösphere and furthering our knowledge of the universe. As such, you will generally find yourself with a great degree of freedom on how you want to accomplish that exploration. Just keep an eye on the glimmer levels.

Organize Your Cultists

The Mystagogue is in charge of the Epistemics department and oversees the duties of Research and Development. While they will ideally have cultists Scientists under them to aid in research, they are expected to have at least a fundamental understanding of how to operate their department in the event of having a lack of staff.

Directing Research

As the Mystagogue the bread and butter of your work aboard the station is ensuring research is done. It is your job to lead the broadening of our understanding of the universe around us, discovering new technologies that allow everyone on board to do their jobs better and more efficiently. This may sound like a complicated and scary endeavour but thankfully due to the miracles of modern science, research is now completed through spending "Research Points" on the technology of your choice at the Research Computer.

Scientists will be your primary subordinates. They will be working with analysing artefacts, dealing with anomalies or requisitioning things for the oracle. You may want to ensure that all these jobs are manned by assigning your scientists roles at the start of the shift but usually they can be flexible if they know what they are doing.

Don't forget to check on the Scientists every now and then to ensure they are doing their jobs. If there's not much to do, direct them around the station in search of whatever object the Oracle demands of you.

Make sure that the Psionic Mantis is available and alive for emergencies. They will be invaluable for making a record of the station's psionics for when Code White may run around.

The Chaplain has the habit of trying to build a cult and decorporealize people they shouldn't. If they manage to bypass your supervision and start decorporealizing people without consent, notify security immediately and have them stripped of rank.

Research Points can be obtained from the following sources:

  • Passive generation from Glimmer Probers
  • Completing quests for the Oracle
  • Destroying alien artifacts after researching their properties
  • The discovery of new diseases by the Medical staff
  • Analyzing Anomalies

Your Defence

At the start of each shift, the Mystagogue is one of the more vulnerable heads of staff on board. Unlike the other heads, you don't get fancy defence capabilities but you get a cool Hand Teleporter. Keep it safe and don't lose it.

As Mystagogue, you also have access to a Book of Mysteries. This mystical book contains many secrets, so make sure to thoroughly investigate its wonders if you find it strapped to you! To deal with supernatural beings such as Wisps or Revenants you get the Dispel psionic ability. It can also be used against anomalies.


Communicate and cooperate with other departments if Anomalies or Artefacts appear on the station that need investigation or dispelment. You, and your team, are not able to be everywhere all at once. Remember to, once in a while, advertise for the crew to call out locations of anomalies if they see one.

You will also be the person in charge of managing the glimmer and the constructions of probers and drainers. If glimmer gets too high you are allowed to call White Alert to incite people to get golemnized and stop using their psionic powers.

Glimmer and You

Glimmer is a measurement of the average noöspheric pressure. The noösphere is a field linking the minds of all sentient beings. The study of Glimmer is what separates you from the puny minded ingrates known as scientists on other stations. Delving into the noösphere using your Glimmer Probers is a gateway to great knowledge and how you will gain perform much of your initial research.

You will be the person in charge of managing the glimmer and the constructions of probers and drainers. If glimmer gets too high you are allowed to call White Alert to incite people to get golemnized and stop using their psionic powers.

As your probers do their work, the average glimmer level on the station will rise. If the levels grow too high the probers themselves will begin to spark with latent psionic energy and you may find yourself unable to turn them off as they become self sustaining.

In cases of emergencies like this, you are recommended to build Glimmer Drainers. If you are unable to create Drainers due to having researched Advanced Musicology at request of the Musician or Clown, your Chaplain may also be able to assist. Their help will not come without sacrifice however.

Roles on DeltaV
Command Captain · Head of Personnel · Head of Security · Chief Engineer · Mystagogue · Chief Medical Officer · Logistics Officer
Security Head of Security · Warden · Security Officer · Prison Guard · Corpsman · Detective · Security Cadet
Engineering Chief Engineer · Atmospheric Technician · Station Engineer · Technical Assistant
Epistemics Mystagogue · Psionic Mantis · Chaplain · Scientist · Research Assistant
Medical Chief Medical Officer · Medical Doctor · Paramedic · Chemist · Psychologist · Medical Intern
Logistics Logistics Officer · Cargo Technician · Salvage Specialist · Courier
Service Head of Personnel · Janitor · Bartender · Botanist · Chef · Service Worker · Boxer · Clown · Martial Artist · Mime · Lawyer · Musician · Reporter · Passenger · Zookeeper · Librarian · Gladiator · Prisoner
Sillicon Cyborg · Personal AI
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