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From Delta-V Wiki

Difficulty: Easy
Requirements: None
Access: Cargo, Maintenance, Mail
Extended Access: None
Supervisors: Logistics Officer
Subordinates: None
Duties: Deliver the Station's mail to the bar. Constantly remind people that they have mail.
Guides: This is the guide

Neither storm nor shower nor fire nor vacuum of space shall sway the Courier, from completing their deliveries for the crew.

The Courier is one of the least most important role of the station. They are, unfortunately, incredibly overlooked. Mail flowing between the Mailbox and your crew brings a constant supply of 750 Zorkmids for Logistics every time a letter is opened, with more if priority or fragile letters are opened without being damaged or on time.

A properly functioning mailroom, however, also depends on the crew actually OPENING the mail, however. If a letter is delivered and never opened, then it's just a paycheck for Logistics that's been flushed down the disposals chute.

Your first task as the Courier is to locate the mailbox in the mailroom. The mailroom is usually located next to or inside Logistics.



This is the mailbox. It is important that you turn it on when you want mail to come out and remember to turn it off when you are going on an adventure to deliver mail. Leaving it activated will lead to mail slowly pilling up and you might cause a loss of money if the priority mails time out. It is also worth to note that having multiple Couriers will increase the amount of mail coming in through the teleporter.

To turn it on and off, alt-interact with it. Then after a bit it will create mail that you will have to deliver. To know to whom, examine the mail and it will tell you the name and occupation of the recipient and also if it fragile and/or urgent.

Mailing Unit

This is a mailing unit. A rare encounter for Couriers and even rarer for anyone else. This allows you to easily send mail to certain part of the station by dropping the mail into it, selecting a recipient mailing unit and sending it there.

Other gear

The Courier comes with no special gear other than the Mail Bag, which is a bag which carries...mail. It's high capacity for mail though, which makes it very efficient at doing what it needs to do. Depending on the map as well, you can also have an ATV you jack from Logistics before they sell it. This will let you scream around the station, yelling at people who don't open their damn mail.

Delivering the Mail

Priority for mail delivery can be hard. In order, you should probably organize your letters and your route in order of 'Priority' then normal mail. Take it to the department, drop it at their front desk and alert the individual that the mail is delivered to their department over radio.

Assistants are impossible to track down, either because they are Greytide Worldwide helping diligently or spaced due to their own incompetence. It's up to you if you want to track them down or leave their mail at the HoP's office or bar. Assistants need food and water so the bar isn't a terrible idea on most maps.

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