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From Delta-V Wiki

Difficulty: Medium
Requirements: 8 hours in Medical
Access: Medical, Maintenance, External, Paramedic
Extended Access: Chemistry
Supervisors: Chief Medical Officer
Subordinates: None
Duties: Run around the station looking for patients, respond to emergencies, give patients a roller bed ride to medbay.
Guides: Medical

You are essentially a rescue medic. You spend most of your time outside medbay and/or in space to find dead crew members, provided they have their coordinates on.

You spawn with a Medical Belt full of stuff, a collapsed Roller Bed, a handheld crew monitor and a body bag.

You will most likely want to get your Paramedic Void Suit located in the medbay's MediDrobe. After gearing up, go patrol the station looking for patients.

Always on Call

What you see using your crew monitor.

When you are a Paramedic, it is your duty to be on call for whenever anyone requires emergency medical aid anywhere on the station. Your job is to rescue people, take them to medbay, and leave them to be treated there.

You can also perform first aid, diagnosing injuries and diseases with the help of a health analyzer or your PDA. Most of the times, your Handheld Crew Monitor will tell you enough. At least as long as people have their suit sensors on.

Keep the monitor screen on and put it in your pocket or jacket slot, it's extremely useful. When someone shows up as damaged, find them using their coordinates and either suggest them to go to medbay or take them there.

The job is very simple. Find and transport people safely to medbay. But even that can prove challenging under certain hostile scenarios, so be prepared.

Paramedic Equipment

Medical Belt

Similar to the Medical Doctor you start with a special paramedic medical belt filled with a stack of ointments, brute packs, bloodpacks and 6 emergency medipen. A good idea is to additionally keep a Syringe, Epinephrine and Dexalin Plus at hand to help deal with emergencies.

Handheld Crew Monitor

Your main tool to find dead or dying crew mate as it will, if they enabled their coordinates, allow you to find their location. It's also handy in showing everyone's current health status. It shows you the name, job, health status and location of each crew member.

Roller Bed

You start with one in your backpack. This allows you to more easily move injured people around and towards the medbay.

Body Bag

You start with one in your backpack. It is very useful to move dead body, even more so if you have to carry an Oni around, as it doesn't slow you down as much. You shouldn't need more than one but if you need to replace it, the morgue usually have spares.

Paramedic Void Suit

While you do not start with the Paramedic Void Suit, it is located within the medbay. Useful for rescues in space. It is highly possible that someone else took it before you and if it is the case, try to talk about it with your boss or try to get an EVA suit from the Head of Personnel.

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