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Difficulty: Medium
Requirements: 4 hours in Epistemics
Access: Epistemics, Maintenance
Extended Access: None
Supervisors: Mystagogue
Subordinates: Research Assistant (to some extent)
Duties: Probe the mysteries of the Noösphere and research interesting things! Steal Politely ask for whatever the Oracle demands of you.
Guides: Research, Xenoarcheology, Anomalous Research, Glimmer, Psionics, The Oracle, Robotics

Research Assistant
Difficulty: Easy to Medium
Requirements: None
Access: Epistemics, Maintenance
Extended Access: None
Supervisors: Mystagogue, Scientist
Subordinates: None
Duties: Learn the basics of how to research various artifacts and anomalies.
Guides: Research, Xenoarcheology, Anomalous Research, Glimmer, Psionics, The Oracle, Robotics

The Scientist is one of the stations intrepid researchers dedicated to discovering the secrets of the Noösphere and furthering our knowledge of the universe. Led by the Mystagogue, you journey around the station in search of whatever object the Oracle demands of you. Develop cool psychic powers and explore the mysteries of whatever strange alien artifact that Salvage drags through your doors next.


Main Article: Guide to Research

As a scientist the bread and butter of your work aboard the station is doing research. It is your job to broaden our understanding of the universe around us, discovering new technologies that allow everyone on board to do their jobs better and more efficiently. This may sound like a complicated and scary endeavor but thankfully due to the miracles of modern science, research is now completed through spending "Research Points" on the technology of your choice at the Research Computer.

Research Points can be obtained from the following sources:

  • Passive generation from Glimmer Probers
  • Completing quests for the Oracle
  • Destroying alien artifacts after researching their properties
  • The discovery of new diseases by the Medical staff
  • Analyzing Anomalies

The Noösphere, Glimmer, and You

Main Article: Guide to Glimmer

Glimmer is a measurement of the average noöspheric pressure. The noösphere is a field linking the minds of all sentient beings. The study of Glimmer is what separates our research departments in the Delta sector from those on other stations. Delving into the noösphere using your Glimmer Probers is a gateway to great knowledge and how you will gain perform much of your initial research.

Exploring the noösphere is not without risks however. As your probers do their mysterious work, the average glimmer level on the station will rise. Crewmembers will develop new and potentially dangerous psionic powers which will only fuel this growth as they are used. If the levels grow too high the probers themselves will begin to spark with latent psionic energy and you may find yourself unable to turn them off as they become self sustaining.

In cases of emergencies like this, you are recommended to build Glimmer Drainers and to help engineering move the Glimmer Probers to somewhere they can safely be disposed of, as the discharge of noöspheric energies tends to be... explosive. If you are unable to create Drainers due to having researching Advanced Musicology at request of the Clown, your stations Chaplain may also be able to assist. Their help will not come without sacrifice however.

The Oracle

Main Article: The Oracle


Main Article: Guide to Xenoarcheology

Xenoarchaeology is an epistemics subdepartment focused on researching and experimenting on alien artifacts.


Artifacts consist of a randomly-generated graph structure. They consist of nodes connected to each other by edges, the traversal of which is the main goal of the scientists working on them. Each node has two main components: a stimulus and a reaction. A stimulus is an external behavior that triggers a reaction. Some reactions are instantaneous effects while others are permanent changes. Triggering the reaction causes the artifact to move through one of the node's edges to an adjacent node.

With these basic principles, you can begin to grasp how the different nodes of an artifact are interconnected, and how one can move between them by repeatedly activating nodes. While it might seem random to an untrained eye, a skilled scientist can learn to understand the internal structure of any artifact.

Artifact Analyzer and Analysis Console

The main equipment that you'll be using for Xenoarchaeology is the artifact analyzer and the analysis console. You can use these to create reports that contain valuable information about an artifact. To set them up, simply link them with a multitool, set an artifact on top of the analyzer, and press the Scan button. Using the console, you can extract the latent build up of energies from the artifact in exchange for research points. Sacrificing an artifact may result in a massive increase in glimmer.

Anomalous Research

Main Article: Anomalous Research
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