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Difficulty: Medium
Requirements: 4 hours in Epistemics
Access: Chapel, Epistemics, Maintenance
Extended Access: Maintenance
Supervisors: Mystagogue
Subordinates: None
Duties: Preach to crew members and aid them in their journeys to spiritual oneness. Sacrifice people to power up Golems and reduce Glimmer.
Guides: Glimmer, Psionics, Golemancy

Once able to create an army of golems to control, now only capable of preaching whatever crazy religion they've made up for that round on the radio. Beside your chapel and the crematorium, you are tasked of helping epistemics. Hold a funeral if someone asks, it's the least you can do.

The Bible

Your bible has minimal storage space, but beyond that, when interacting with someone, as the ability to heal them for Brute, Burn and Immaterial with a 5 second cooldown. There is a 33% chance that you will damage them instead, but if you make sure they are wearing headgear, there is no chance of failure.

The best part is if anyone tries to use your Bible, they will instead take Burn damage, this helps ensure your role can't just be taken from you by some robust Clown.

It's not much, conventional healing from a medical doctor trumps your abilities in a variety of ways, but when in a pinch you're able to rise to the occasion and save lives.

In the event of unholy beings, your bible can serve as a backup weapon as it deals Holy damage alongside some Blunt damage.

The Crematorium

On certain stations, you will find a room with a crematorium inside your chapel. This is used to keep the station from piling up with corpses after cloning or after they've been left alone for too long and started rotting.

Mostly, it's used to create ash which is very useful for your department.

The Golemancer

It is expected of you to be the one in charge of tracking and capturing offering the possibility of becoming a golem to the various psychics of the station you are currently living in, and to carry out the arts of golemnization as it is your job.

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