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Chief Medical Officer

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Chief Medical Officer
Difficulty: Medium
Requirements: 20 hours of playtime, 12 hours in Medical, 4 hours as Chemist
Access: Medical, Command, Maintenance, Chemistry, Chief Medical Officer, Paramedic, External, Psychologist, Cryogenics
Extended Access: None
Supervisors: Captain
Subordinates: Medical Doctor, Chemist, Psychologist, Paramedic, Medical Intern
Duties: Keep Medbay orderly. Supervise and delegate chemistry, triage, and trauma duties. Load the metempsychotic machine with Biomass at the start of the shift. Make sure the Metempsychotic machine is linked properly.
Guides: Alert Procedure, SOP, Company Policy, Medical Doctor, Medical, Chemistry, Cryogenic Pods

The Chief Medical Officer (often shortened to Chief or CMO) is the head of the entire medical department. Their access is mostly limited to Medical and Command, they tend to get the wrath of anyone who comes in who thinks they can treat themselves better and they have one of the best items in the game for both killing and saving lives.

Your first task as the CMO is to check if the Metempsychotic machine or cloner is linked to the cloning console via multitool. After that, ensure that there's some biomass in it.

CMO is probably the easiest head to play because primarily it's just Medical Doctor Plus. Most of what you do outside the normal medical doctor duties is get the extra biomass from your office loaded into the metempsychotic machine, and then work like a normal doctor. If your team is small or inexperienced in chemistry, you may be cooking drugs for the first half of the shift. If you don't have someone working triage or intake, you may be doing that.

Another thing the CMO should be doing is catching folks making illegal chemicals or if pills are being spiked, while also keeping in mind what Standard Operating Procedure reminds you is *not* to be done. Look over your chemist's shoulders and check their machines. Because you can't tell what's going in or out of a machine you don't REALLY know if that pill that was made was Dylovene or Sulfuric Acid for instance. You can grind a pill up in the reagent grinder to test it without just blindly swallowing it. Keep an eye out for telltale signs that someone is trying to make a warcrime. If they have a pile of plasma for no good reason they may be a traitor, or just an inefficient chemist.

Hypospray and You

The hypospray is both a traitor objective and a really good tool for you as a CMO. You can load it with chemicals and immediately put them into a bloodstream. Typically you're going to load this with epinephrine or if you can get your hands on it, ichor.

To load it, take the chemical in one hand and using that hand, click the hypospray. It can hold 30u.

It can also be an exceptionally good way to defend yourself without needing a gun. There's a few good 'offensive' drugs if you're planning on using it in a fight or to subdue an unruly patient.

Nonlethally, dose someone with Ipecac to make them incredibly slow incredibly quickly without doing damage to them. It also has the benefit of reducing their movespeed if they puke enough.

Chloral Hydrate is a favorite amongst many CMOs because even at 25-30 units it won't kill someone, but it will put them down long enough for Sec to get in very, very quickly. Just be sure to give Sec a Dylovene to help with the patient's new toxic damage.

Lethally, epinephrine is a great tool one can use to cause damage that's immediately available at round start. It has the negative of actually providing a lot of benefits to the person if you can't get the full dose off though.

There's Tranexamic acid, also a fairly useful chemical medwise that can double-duty as a an offensive tool if needed. When fully dosed it can do damage fairly quickly as an overdose while being less useful to the enemy you're injecting it with.

Lexorin is by far the most dangerous toxin to someone who doesn't have Dexalin available, but if you're making it and the hypospray falls out of your hands before you can use it, then you're going to have a bad time for the rest of the crew. Lexorin also doesn't fill any particular use for the crew in general other than as a murdering tool.

Crew Monitoring and You

The Crew Monitor, both handheld and built into your office (on most maps) is a vital tool for survival. If your shift is going well, you may even have the luxury of time to monitor the crew on such a monitor outside of folks asking you for it over command chat.

The Crew Monitor gives you updates on where someone is based off their ID and if they have their Suit Coordinates on. As a note, there are people who will NOT put their suit sensors on. These folks cannot be stopped, they will just leave them off the whole round potentially, or even just because they're planning on doing some shenanigans. If someone dies without coords on, there's little you can do usually. Hard to find a body that you don't know the whereabouts of.

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