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Traits are little things that can make your character unique.

These are traits that you gain by configuring the "Traits" screen in "Character Setup". Some are purely cosmetic, like having a funny pirate accent or being easily drunk. Some are debilitating, like being blind, or not being able to be cloned.

You can use these traits to facilitate roleplay and flesh out characters.

Name Description Effect
Blindness You are legally blind, and can't see clearly past a few meters in front of you. Your vision is dark and swirly, you can see at most 2 tiles around you.
Narcolepsy You fall asleep randomly You fall asleep for 10 to 30 seconds every 300 to 600 seconds.
Pacifist You cannot attack or hurt any living beings. You cannot attack or hurt any living beings.
Lightweight Drunk Alcohol has a stronger effect on you You require less ingested ethanol to receive the drunk effects.
Muted You can't speak You can't speak
Paracusia You hear sounds that aren't really there You randomly hear sounds like explosions, sparks, metal clangs, falling bodies, punching etc.
Pirate Accent You can't stop speaking like a pirate! You speak with a pirate accent.
Accentless You don't have the accent that your species would usually have Prevents accents inherited from species like the ssssss of Reptilians
Frontal Lisp You thpeak with a lithp You speak with a lisp.
Social Anxiety You are anxious when you speak and stutter. You randomly stutter certain words.
Scottish Accent Fer tha folk who come frae Hielan clan. You speak with a scottish accent.
Ultraviolet Vision Whether through custom bionic eyes, random mutation, or being a Harpy, you perceive the world with ultraviolet light. Your vision is shifted from RGB to GBU. What this essentially means is that you see in "Red", "Blue, and "More Blue". This isn't a true form of colorblindness, since there are still three colors. But objects that were previously red now appear black, while objects that were previously blue appear to be several times more vibrantly blue.
Deuteranopia Whether through custom bionic eyes, random mutation, or being a Vulpkanin, you have red–green colour blindness. You can only see in shades of blue and yellows.
Uncloneable Cannot be cloned You cannot be cloned.
Nearsighted You require glasses to see properly. You have a black circle preventing you seeing clearly further than 3 tiles around you but you spawn with a pair of glasses to remedy that.
Snoring You will snore while sleeping. You will snore while sleeping.
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