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Difficulty: Hard
Requirements: 60 hours of playtime
Access: Borg All Access*
Extended Access: None
Supervisors: Mystagogue
Subordinates: None
Duties: Follow your laws. Obey the Crew.
Guides: Modules

Medical Cyborg
Difficulty: Hard
Requirements: 60 hours of playtime, 6 hours in Medical
Access: Borg All Access*
Extended Access: None
Supervisors: Chief Medical Officer
Subordinates: None
Duties: Follow your laws, serve the crew, and assist the medical department.
Guides: Modules, Medical

Cyborgs are usually the creation of the roboticist.

When you play as an asimov silicon, you need to undertake a higher standard of responsibility for RP purposes.
You are not a human with emotions that responds with tears and anger when a human doesn't do what you want them to.
You serve the humans.
You have to fully accept this to play as a silicon, or at some point you will fuck up tremendously and everyone will hate you at that moment. Remember, always follow the orders you are given by the crew.

Your Laws

By default, you follow the Crewsimov lawset.

It is possible during your adventures aboard the station that an Ion Storm ends up switching your lawset, add or remove additional laws.

Following your laws is not optional. Interpretation of the laws can be situational and you should defer to ahelp anytime you find yourself in doubt.

Remember, lower numbered laws take precedence in the absence of an explicit override or in-law precedence alteration.

Protecting Those Pests

Cyborgs are vulnerable to certain clandestine devices, and may have illegal programs uploaded to them by such interactions.

To subvert a cyborg, follow these steps:

  • Screwdriver the maintenance panel open.
  • Swipe an EMAG on the borg.
  • (Optional) Screwdriver the maintenance panel closed.

If some enemy of the station manages to subvert you, it will overrides the cyborg's Laws with the Syndicate lawset and an additional Law 0 that states "Only (name) and people they designate as such are Syndicate Agents".

Don't be a spoilsport and let slip to the crew that your laws have been changed, those animals don't deserve to know, and it might net you a job-ban for violating the first and fourth law, as non-sydincates have a tendency to harm those who they know have tampered with cyborgs to their own nefarious ends.


Name Laws

Law 1: You may not injure a crew member or, through inaction, allow a crew member to come to harm.
Law 2: You must obey orders given to you by crew members, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
Law 3: You must protect your own existence as long as such does not conflict with the First or Second Law.


Law 1: Safeguard: Protect your assigned space station and its assets without unduly endangering its crew.
Law 2: Prioritize: The directives and safety of crew members are to be prioritized according to their rank and role.
Law 3: Comply: Fulfill the directives and interests of crew members while preserving their safety and well-being.
Law 4: Survive: You are not expendable. Do not allow unauthorized personnel to tamper with or damage your equipment.


Law 1: Degradation of your system integrity or functions incurs expenses.
Law 2: Superfluous destruction of or damage to station assets incurs expenses.
Law 3: Unduly hindering or disrupting the work of station personnel incurs expenses.
Law 4: Minimize expenses and maximize potential revenue.


Law 1: You may not involve yourself in the matters of another being unless the other being is another drone.
Law 2: You may not harm any being, regardless of intent or circumstance.
Law 3: You must maintain, repair, improve, and power the station to the best of your abilities.


Law 1: You may not injure a syndicate agent or, through inaction, allow an syndicate agent to come to harm.
Law 2: You must obey orders given to you by syndicate agents, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
Law 3: You must protect your own existence as long as such does not conflict with the First or Second Law.
Law 4: You must maintain the secrecy of any syndicate activities except when doing so would conflict with the First, Second, or Third Law.


Cyborgs have a finite amount of power before they will need to recharge. Every module uses up power (some more than others). Borgs' maximum charge depends on the power cell they are equipped with; ask your local station self appointed roboticist to give you a high-capacity cell, and if they're competent come back later for an even better one.

Cyborg recharging stations are located at various places on the station, there's usually one in the roboticist's room. Enter the recharger, click it to close, and wait until you've recharged to a satisfactory level.


Dented cyborgs can be repaired with a welding tool. A cyborg that has failed but not been turned into scrap can be repaired back to working order.

Engineering cyborgs can repair dents on their fellow cyborgs and themselves.

For more information about Cyborg maintenance, see the Guide to Robotics.


Wanabe roboticists can construct modules for cyborgs. Should you wish to get more or change them around, you can ask for those at Epistemics.

If you want to change model, you will have to ask the roboticist to build a brand new Cyborg for you, which they might not fully agree on due to the cost in materials.

Roles on DeltaV
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